Oh what a fool!

Arrogant individuals are experts at overvaluing the self.

Bowman Lusambo speaks with such pride, arrogance and confidence he does not in reality deserve.

Overvaluing the self meets its opposite: inferiority and doubt about self-worth. Eventually such extreme positions will lead to suffering.

Lusambo is overvaluing what he is not – a wise and important man – and undervaluing who he is – a foolish man and a nobody.

The metaphor “the grass is greener on the other side” speaks perfectly well to Lusambo’s conduct.

Lusambo is not in the same class politically and otherwise with Hakainde Hichilema and even Chishimba Kambwili.

It is always good and welcome advice to be reminded of the truth about the futility of coveting others, and to be redirected to our own lives.

Lusambo says Hakainde and Chishimba should be more prepared for him in 2020. Who is Lusambo?

He says he will not sit down and watch Edgar Lungu be insulted by “uncultured characters”. Who in Zambian politics is more uncouth, uncultured than Lusambo?

“Me, I don’t like to see the President to be insulted. For me, it’s a no to insulting the President because of a few selfish individuals. We want in 2021, before the votes are counted, the President should even start drinking coffee. Benefits of being in the running government. The President can’t say everyone will be MP, councillor, no, there is only one person, so I am the picture of Kabushi Constituency to the President,” brags Lusambo.

“What we were giving out these years (2019) is just an iceberg, wait for 2020 and you will see what will be happening here in (terms of) gifts. The game is on in 2020, whoever wants to come should come, if its Hakainde, let him come, if its Kambwili let him come and face me I’m game in 2020.”
Oh what a fool!

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