CSAWUZ demands better salaries for workers in 2020

[By Emelia Phiri]

CIVIL Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia president Davy Chiyobe says there is need for a very serious economic research for the future of the economy.

He observed that civil servants’ salaries had been eroded by the current state of the economy which was in the dead end.

Chiyobe called for meaningful salary increments for the workers.

“In the collective agreement, there is a window were either party can write depending on the economic changes that negotiations of the salary increment be opened even before the expiry of the current one,” Chiyobe said.

“The year 2020, the Labour Ministry needs to live up to their objectives and existence, otherwise they will be rendered irrelevant by the civil servants.”

Chiyobe said it is a mandate of the government to ensure that the economy is functioning and workers fit it.

“The demands by the civil servants to increase their salaries are realistic and not unwarranted. In 2020, workers are not expecting something less which will continue to harden their lives,” Chiyobe said.

“Civil servants persevered in the past year and this year 2020, their only hope is to begin on a new leaf with government and see how best they can manage the affairs of the civil servants by compensating what was lost in 2019.”

Chiyobe added that there was need to seriously look at the food basket for provinces like Lusaka which had very high commodity prices.

He noted that the union was negotiating with government to consider debt swap where it gives land to retirees that are owed money.

“Government should consider proving land to all those that it is owing. If one goes for a debt swap in exchange for land, it will mean that the debt government is owing an individual will be reduced,” Chiyobe said.

He further urged government to dialogue with the union as it becomes difficult to challenge them when need arises because the employer was planning alone.

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