ON a day like this, there is not much to write about except to wish all sports men and women a very happy 2020 and congratulations and commiserations on your successes and your short comings in the 2019 sports calendar-from us here at Kick-off we believe you will work to improve on those short comings this year.

Likewise, we would like especially to wish sports minister Emmanuel Mulenga a happy and sober new year.

In wishing honourable Mulenga the best this year, we would like to remind him that the football lovers, especially Chipolopolo fans and supporters, now know that the failure to hire a national team coach is no longer FAZ’s failure but yours.

Your interference in this process is there for everyone to see.

In 2019, FAZ had their pick, Jelusic Vaselin, you rejected him for what you termed a wrong process, then they went by your prescribed process, shortlisted and submitted to you, up to now we have no coach, yet the CHAN preparations are looming, the World Cup qualifiers and later AfCON qualifiers resume.

But in your response to our question about this, you said “It’s the prerogative of FAZ to recruit a coach” Hmmm why did you then interfere in that prerogative? Do you really want FAZ to employ a competent coach now or you are waiting to ‘approve’ the new coach after the FAZ elective AGM? Anyway 2020 will be interesting and just know sir that we are watching very closely and we will definitely tell this story to the end.

We cannot also forget FAZ, we also wish you a happy 2020. We know it’s already tough for you as you have battles both on and off the pitch. Nevertheless, congratulations for your successes in 2019 and tough luck on your shortcomings last year. Likewise, we hope you correct those shortcomings.

To FAZ aspirants, we wish you well this year and we hope you provide insights how our beautiful game can improve.
We know FAZ goes to the polls in two months’ time and it’s already heating up but please engage in sober discourse devoid of personal attacks.

Let’s leave ugly politics to mainstream politicians, we believe football politics always must leave room for healing and the sport must win regardless of the elections outcome.

We close with a reminder to the Minister of Sports, please sir, let FAZ choose the coach they deem fit for the Chipolopolo, time is not with us.

Bye! See you on the field of play.

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