Now is the best time to resign, Kalaba urges ministers

DEMOCRATIC Party leader Harry Kalaba says he is aware that some ministers in the PF government are preparing to resign.

He says this has been the case for the past two years.

Yesterday marked two years since Kalaba resigned as foreign affairs minister, citing widespread corruption.

He urged ministers contemplating resignation that the time to do so was now. Zambia is scheduled to hold presidential and general elections in August 2021.

“I know that two years down the line, some former colleagues are still trying to find the best way of stepping out and resigning their positions, for fear of going down as having been a part of the team that brought down the Zambian economy, on account of protracted corrupt practices by those entrusted with the governance of the nation,” Kalaba told journalists in Lusaka yesterday.

“To them I say, the best time to resign is now.”

He said he made a decision to resign, which many would not have thought of taking.

Kalaba recounted that while it was not an easy decision to resign from the government on account of the ensuing animosity and acrimony, he can look back today “with a feeling of nostalgia and thank God that I made the right decision.”

“It was the right decision to walk away from the perceived comfort zone. As foreign minister, you enjoy a lot of privileges while at the same time you represent the nation and the Head of State at a very high level as [a] custodian of the country’s foreign policy,” Kalaba noted.

“My decision was necessitated by the fundamental flaw that I observed with some colleagues with whom we believed that the people of Zambia deserved from those they looked up to as their leaders. A corrupt person is and can never be honorable!”

Kalaba lamented that over the two years he had been out of government, he had faced the wrath of the PF’s machete-wielding cadres.

“[They] are unleashed on those who seem to share divergent views from those of their masters. Youths today are being used as tools of violence when they should be economic drivers and change agents in this 21st century economy that demands their energy and creativity,” he said.

“We have had police officers dispatched to come and disrupt our meetings, even in churches while the PF continues to meet without any disruption from anyone. We have seen land owners lose their farms by cadres and others have ended up losing their lives for defending their property. Such is the political landscape that I have come face to face with.”

Kalaba emphasised that he made the right decision to resign from the repressive government of President Lungu.

“In the last two years, I have literally visited all the 10 provinces of Zambia and covered almost 90 per cent of all the districts across this country and have come face to face with the hardships that the citizens are going through,” he said.

Kalaba bemoaned the corruption in the PF government had soared to unprecedented levels where those who walk the corridors of power make demands even in the name of the President.

“National trophies are being plundered at an unprecedented rate! If we do not put a stop to this State capture, we will have nothing left for our children’s children. I thank you for running with me in the last two years and look forward to many more years of transformational engagement,” said Kalaba.

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