Sunday Chanda is just opening up Lungu to humiliation

Sunday Chanda’s uncouth reactions to criticism of Edgar Lungu is not helping matters.

In most cases, Sunday is just creating excellent opportunities to have Edgar and Patriotic Front properly hammered and trashed.

Sunday, like a college or university student, who has just discovered some new words, is always in a hurry to expose his emptiness and lack of civility in his political discourse. He uses a lot of bombastic but empty words to insult, ridicule and label those criticising Edgar and the Patriotic Front. But this is not working; it’s backfiring. Look at how his attempt to humiliate Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa has backfired!

Sunday has unleashed a torrent of perfectly and well-earned criticism. He has begged to have Edgar and the Patriotic Front exposed for what they are: a pathetic failure.

Sunday is clearly no match, morally, intellectually or otherwise, for Dr Sishuwa.

He has no arguments, other than insults, to advance in his defence of what can’t be defended.
Sunday needs to know what he is defending, not just what he is attacking.

Dr Sishuwa is teaching us that if we love our country, we must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness – even from a president.

The best defence against sarcasm is to take it literally.

There’s need for Edgar’s minions to realise and admit that there’s failure and open their eyes to alternate approaches. If they defend failure, they will lose sight of new approaches.

Self-defence becomes a self-defeat when one is doing it for selfish reasons. It’s not about them and their pockets alone; let it be for the collective joy of our entire nation.

Edgar’s leadership can only be meaningfully defended with his true character. He should never attack his own aspirations with corruption and abuses of power.

Our advice to Sunday Chanda is: Keep calm and be honest!

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