This is a corrupt regime

Recalled United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has advised Edgar Lungu to avoid degradation of citizens’ human, economic, and political rights.

In his farewell message, Ambassador Foote encouraged the Zambian government to require its own leaders to issue personal financial disclosures, empower anti-corruption institutions to carry out real investigations and prosecutions of corrupt officials at all levels, and to make public the terms of excessively opaque debt arrangements which would affect every Zambian for years to come.

“And to Your Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, I implore you and the Zambian government to commit to restore Zambia’s reputation as a strong democracy devoted to serving your exceptional people, and to avoid degradation of your own citizens’ human, economic, and political rights,” said Ambassador Foote.

Indeed, there’s need for Edgar, his ministers and other senior government officials to disclose their wealth and how they earned it.

It’s impossible to efficiently and effectively fight corruption without this.

Since getting into government the wealth of Edgar, his ministers, senior government officials and others too close to him multiplied several times. And this is not speculation or malice. It is evidenced by Edgar’s own official declarations for elections purposes. His wealth and that of those close to him, his ministers and senior government officials cannot be concealed.

There have been denials of corruption all the time. But when Edgar differs with his friends then they are prosecuted for corruption. Chishimba Kambwili when he was Edgar’s government spokesman he used to deny the presence of corruption in Edgar’s government. But after being fired as minister, Kambwili started to openly accuse Edgar of corruption. And today Kambwili himself is being prosecuted by Edgar for corruption!

Amos Chanda when he was Edgar’s press aide used to denounce anyone who complained about the corruption of Edgar and his minions. Today, after being fired, Amos is himself being prosecuted by Edgar for corruption!
There’s no doubt Edgar has degraded Zambians’ human, economic and political rights. Under Edgar’s rule Zambians’ liberties have been grossly eroded. Today it is very difficult for people to assemble and protest or demonstrate against any decision or action of Edgar. The police will not tolerate it. Opposition political parties have serious problems getting permits to hold rallies. Poverty is at its highest in the country while Edgar and his minions are getting richer and richer.

Zambians should pay great attention to what Ambassador Foote is saying and stop this rot.

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