Nkwazi goalies are top class – Ngulube

[By Bright Tembo]

NKWAZI goalkeeper coach Samuel Ngulube says all the goalkeepers at the club are top class.

Ngulube said the goalkeeping department has been “solid” so far this season and has not conceded many goals.

“…if you have been following our team, so far we haven’t conceded so much of goals. I can say the goalkeeping department is very solid and they have really improved,” he said.
Nkwazi goalie Charles Muntanga has already featured for the national team where he won the senior COSAFA Cup last year.

Ngulube hopes to see all his goal minders at the national team.

“I believe in God that they will also be looked at especially at the national team. If you look at their calibre, these are top class goalkeepers. They can compete with those at the national level,” he said. “We have Charles Muntanga, Dave Kaumba; they have been at the national team. Following their performance, I believe they can be considered and I don’t have problems working with them. For me as coach, my work has been made easy because I am working with professional goalkeepers and there are just few reminders for me because they know most of the things. I’m just there to guide them where they make a few mistakes in one or two situations I push them up and I can boast that as goalkeeping department we are doing very good.”

After 15 games in the MTN/FAZ Super League this season, the Zambia Police sponsored side has conceded 12 goals, with Muntanga allowing only three goals in his last 10 games in the league.

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