‘It’s just a matter of time Kambwili will rejoin PF’

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says it is a matter of time, Chishimba Kambwili will return to the Patriotic Front.
But how possible is this? Kambwili was expelled from the Patriotic Front by its Central Committee under the chairmanship of Edgar Lungu.

What has changed for the Patriotic Front of Edgar to want Kambwili back?

Kambwili vigorously resisted being expelled from the Patriotic Front. He even spent a lot of money on legal bills trying to stop Edgar and his minions from expelling him from the Patriotic Front.

And the state spent a lot of money on a parliamentary by-election in Roan Constituency following Kambwili’s expulsion from the Patriotic Front. What was all this gigantic expenditure for if there was really nothing wrong with Kambwili staying in the Patriotic Front?

“We have seen for ourselves, even my brother Chishimba Kambwili, don’t worry about what he is saying in newspapers, he is just politicking, he will also come back to PF, it’s just a matter of time,” says GBM. “The UPND were just using Kambwili and they would soon dump him. Now I am seeing his mind will be opened and he will know that those are just using me.”

GBM has no shame! We have not forgotten what he used to say about Edgar and the Patriotic Front! Is he telling us he was lying to us about Edgar?

Why should any sensible person believe what GBM is today saying and follow him?
GBM is really a shameless person who can say anything about anyone when it suits him.
As for Kambwili being admitted back to the Patriotic Front that had expelled him, it will not be surprising. That is how our politicians are – no shame, no scruples, no principles. They can easily swallow their own vomit without any problems.

And why is it so easy for our politicians to jump from this political party to that political party without much ado? Our simple and only explanation is that because these political parties and they themselves are the same in so many ways.

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