PF’s Dununa Reverse composers, JK, Wile, in court over Churdleigh plot scam

A WITNESS has disclosed that composers of the PF campaign song called “Dununa Reverse” Jordan Katembula popularly known as ‘JK’ and Wilson Lungu popularly known as ‘Wile’ facilitated the sale of a 60×40 plot in Lusaka’s Churdleigh area.

This is in a matter where Ministry of Lands employee Mwiza Phiri is facing a charge of obtaining money by false pretences.

It is alleged that between January 9, 2019 and March 3, 2019, Phiri whilst acting with others with intent to deceive or defraud, obtained K300,000 from Henry Mambwe by falsely pretending that he had a plot for sale when in fact not.

However, it has been disclosed that the two PF aligned artists, JK and Wile, participated in the land scam involving K300,000.

A source disclosed to the media that the two musicians JK and Wile were freed of the charges on accounts that they testify against their accomplice, Mwiza Phiri.

This was after the two allegedly used their connections in the PF as composers of Dununa Reverse to have the charge dropped against them.

It is alleged that the K300,000 was entrusted to a Mambwe to buy land for Khangele Matutu, a South African businessman who owns properties in Zambia.

When the matter came up for trial before Lusaka magistrate Nsunge Chanda on Thursday, January 9, Rexious Chomba, who is also a musician, said that in January 2019, his boss Khangele Matutu informed him that he had received a phone call from Katembula (JK) indicating that he had a plot for sale.

Chomba told the court that his boss and Katembula suggested that they meet in Jesmondine area in order to discuss how they could strike a deal.

The 32-year-old said his boss and Katembula met and the latter who was in the company of Lungu (Wile) asked Matutu and himself to accompany them to view the plot in Churdleigh.

Chomba said his boss said that he had longed to own a plot in Churdleigh and he asked Katembula how much the plot would gobble to which Katembula proposed a sum of K300,000.

The musician said his boss made an appointment with Katembula and suggested that they meet in the evening the very day to discuss the mode of payments.

“They (JK and Wile) mentioned that they would bring someone from the Ministry of Lands to help with the paper work,” Chomba said.

“Later in the evening, around 20:00 hours, we went to Radisson Blu with my boss for the same appointment and JK came with the person from Ministry of Lands (Mwiza Phiri). They said my boss needed to pay K60,000 for the paper work and that is all I know about the case.”

During cross-examination, Phiri asked Chomba why he was the only one who was arrested when Katembula and Lungu were part of the scam but Chomba said he did not know why JK and Wile were not arrested as he was not a police officer.

Trial continues on February 13, 2020.

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