Sell yourselves, Makembo urges FAZ aspirants

[By Bright Tembo]

ZAMBIA Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo says those campaigning for positions at the upcoming FAZ elective general meeting should sell their ideas and not resort to name calling.

Makembo said candidates should sell themselves to the FAZ councillors and promote unity in the association.

“Those who are standing for FAZ elections should sell themselves and avoid name calling and injuring one another in the name of football politics,” he said.

“Football is a unifying factor across the world, hence during and before the election we should see unity amongst the candidates and supporters. Let them argue with points that sell themselves not name calling, kuti unvele bwanji iwe? Once this is done, we are going to help the councillors who are voters to decide well on who they can vote based on candidates selling their ideas not name calling.”

He however urged those vying for positions at Football House to contribute to Zambian football even if they are not elected.

“Football House needs a lot of ideas but we can’t have everyone there. You don’t need to be an executive member to contribute in football. That’s why there is the office of the general secretary, you just need to open your doors to him and explain your ideas and the country will definitely benefit from the ideas shared by most football gurus,” he said.

Makembo urged FAZ to give guidance to all the aspirants and all those that want to contribute to Zambian football.

“Let FAZ give proper guidance to people who want to vie for positions and all those that want to contribute to Zambian football. I understand there is an emergency meeting coming up next month, I hope all will be tackled to avoid finger pointing at the end of the day,” said Makembo.

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