WE’RE ON TOP OF THINGS…we may only handover power in 2040 – PF

KEBBY Mbewe (left) says the opposition is playing blind to developmental projects being undertaken by the Patriotic Front government.

He says PF is not going anywhere, it’s on top of things and may possibly only handover power in 2040.

Speaking on Byta FM’s Hot Potato programme, Mbewe said it was sad that those opposing the government had chosen to act blind even to good things that the PF had done.

“It is surprising that now politicians in opposition political parties have stopped praying for their personal salvation but instead pray for calamities to continue befalling the nation,” he said. “They are no longer praying for their lives to be saved but are busy praying for calamities to happen in the country. Every time they wish bad things to happen in the country.”

Mbewe said it was not the ruling PF’s fault that those in the opposition close their eyes whenever they see development.

“How do you close your eyes from Mazabuka to Lusaka where government is constructing a road and claim that government is not doing anything?” he wondered. “The only biggest problem affecting our delivery of services to the people is climate change which has given birth to load-shedding and is hampering agricultural production.”

Mbewe said despite climate change challenges that was affecting the country, PF was not going anywhere and may possibly only handover power in 2040.

“Let people be given information so that they are not deceived to follow politicians who cheat them. The PF government just in Southern Province alone, we have built bus stations, constructed police houses in Mazabuka and Monze, we are building a milling plant in Monze, commissioned the Kalomo-Dundumwezi -Itezhi Tezhi road as well as taken electricity to Dundumwezi. All these things the opposition can’t see them,” Mbewe said.

He said the PF was on top of things.

“How can people say PF behaves like an opposition party? How can you forget that you are the father of your children? We know that we are the ones ruling and in charge of everything therefore it’s very unfair for some people to liken us to an opposition party,” Mbewe said. “When we were in the opposition we conducted clean politics characterised by issue-based campaign and not what the opposition political parties of today are doing.”
He accused the opposition of constantly feeding people with lies.

“How can someone accuse PF and President [Edgar] Lungu of creating hunger in the country when it is very clear for all to see that there were no rains? We don’t have a policy aimed at bringing rains because it’s a natural thing and if our colleagues in the UPND have the capacity to bring rains please we are asking them to help us as PF,” he said. “Let us not politicise natural issues that must be of concern to all of us. Surely, can we still be debating on who is right and wrong even this time when it is clear that climate change is real. Let politicians not ride on deceiving people. We need to appreciate government for what it has done. We expect everybody to take responsibility of their own country. If people are not going to participate or to join hands with government to bring development just because it is PF in power, then they are being unfair to themselves. Let us put politics aside for the country to continue developing.”

Mbewe said the opposition had taken advantage of people’s ignorance and lack of interest to read to promote propaganda.

“90 per cent of Zambians are unable to differentiate between the truth and negative propaganda. Politicians must help their people to know the truth so that they make right choices,” urged Mbewe. “This negative propaganda the opposition is riding on is causing divisions in the country hence must be fought. Let’s all love our country for what it is and not how some people want it to be. No one would want to lead people that are ignorant hence the reason I conducted a protest walk against negative propaganda to raise awareness to the general public so that they are equipped with knowledge about the effects of negative propaganda to the country’s economy and unity.”

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