FOOTBALL Association of Zambia general secretary Adrian Kashala says some security wings are being used to scheme against the Andrew Kamanga executive.

Kashala also says Kalusha Bwalya has not been forthcoming when approached to render help with the management of the game.

He told Radio Phoenix yesterday that there is a scheme to make it difficult for FAZ president, Kamanga, to participate in the next elections slated for March.

“We have a lot of evil plans coming on board in view of the elections. They are using [all] bits and pieces, if I tell you the underhand methods that are going on right now using certain security wings to try and oppress the sitting president and probably kick him out so that they have their agenda met, change the constitution and do what they want to do and that is all they want because they have their preferred candidate who cannot fit in this constitution today,” Kashala said.

“The actual people that are involved have called me and told me a lot of things, I end there…they feel I am the one who is blocking. We need to be serious with what we are doing, and those are the leaders we want to hand over our management of football to? It is up to our councillors to make a decision on who is mature and capable of running Zambian football.”

He said former FAZ president, Kalusha, was not being patriotic by not being available when called upon.

“I personally, on 5th December 2019, I wrote to Mr Kalu an email to bring him on board, he did not respond to date. The mail remains unanswered. Probably he is not interested because we asked him to confirm whether he would be available for this assignment but then, he has remained mute. But people have been speculating, no they have not gotten in touch with him,” Kashala said. “The problem is that we have too much hate against each other and we do not want to let that go. We can differ in opinion but on matters of national interest we should be able to come together and help out and we need to be patriotic. If people are not ready to sacrifice and do that which the nation did for them at a time they were in their footballing career or in other business, then I would leave it to the world to judge because it is about being patriotic to your country.”

When a caller asked Kashala why he has not resigned from FAZ following allegations that he misapplied some funds at Nkwazi FC, he said: “Only the courts of law have the powers to find me guilty or not. First of all, we needed to ask why Mr [Elijah] Chileshe went to that extent. Mr Chileshe has a hidden agenda, he is not the right person, he has no locus standi to go to that extent but he was serving his own interests.”

“And from what he himself told me, he was dangling and using those things as bait and he knew about all that a long time ago. I don’t want to undress him in public, he must be magnanimous enough and be able to reason like a grown up. I have built my character over the past 25 years in service,” he said. “This is an issue between Napsa and Nkwazi and it is sitting in the office I once was occupying as sports director. If I was in that office, probably he would have thought of me moving out of there to pave way for investigations, but these are two different entities, what interference is he referring to?”

Kashala, who served as Nkwazi FC sports director before going to Football House, said time will tell over the allegation.

“The scheme which is there is to make it difficult for Mr Kamanga to contest elections and already Mr Chileshe and I are in court on another matter. He says we defamed him and he goes to sue us in our personal capacities meanwhile I was issuing the statement in my capacity as general secretary, just look at the interest,” said Kashala.

“In all his schemes, I’m not to be used as a pawn or sacrificial lamb. I will not accept to be used to deal with Mr Kamanga. If he has issues with Mr Kamanga, let him go do it by himself. He would not come before me because I have turned down his useless offer…and he thinks I am going to accept that? I will not do that and by doing all those things that is what he thought he would be able to get me out of FAZ. He was very sure that straightaway he would get rid of Kashala then we go and hang Kamanga, that is the plan they have.”

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