Pastors canvassing bill 10 support advancing Zambia’s agenda – Nkonde

LUSAKA Ministers Fellowship chairperson Bishop Boniface Nkonde says members of the clergy that have been dispatched throughout the country to orient their colleagues on the bill 10 report are not advancing any political party’s agenda.

He claims if all goes well, even those opposed to Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 would also be beneficiaries.

“We know some of the people, this is spiritual welfare, they are not happy that Zambia becomes a Christian nation,” Bishop Nkonde says. 

In an interview after meeting Chipata pastors at Grace Ministries Church on Thursday, the Bishop who was in the company of three other bishops from Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces said the pastors were pushing Zambia’s agenda.

“We want to be very straight about our nation and our identity. So this is why nationwide we are in all provinces explaining about the importance of supporting bill 10. It is bringing things in the right
order and we are going to see the rulership of God upon this nation,” he said. “And so Zambia is a Christian nation, let’s support what is coming out
of bill 10 especially the report. Read about it; make sure that you lay your hand upon the report that has come. Don’t just argue without a base. Right now as we are in Chipata our friends are in other provinces. We began with Lusaka, the response was very good and we also getting reports from our friends, the response is very good. So we are meeting again in Lusaka to get feedback from those who have gone to other provinces. All the 10 provinces are covered with the same arrangement. Our submission which we made are in the bill 10 report and 90 per cent of what we are advancing has come out very positively. We are happy about it. Here we are not advancing any person’s agenda, no political agenda, not even PF, UPND, NAREP, MMD or FDD. It’s Zambia’s agenda.”

Bishop Nkonde said if all goes well even those opposed to Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 would also be beneficiaries.

“We know some of the people, this is spiritual welfare, they are not happy that Zambia becomes a Christian nation. They want to bring things that are not in line with the will of God. That’s why we know some of them are sponsored with a lot of money to fabricate lies. Please get a
report and get the truth,” he said.

Bishop Nkonde said they were clarifying certain things relating to bill 10.

“I am part of this clergy consultative team that is helping our people to understand bill 10. We are in this meeting to help clarify certain things , one of them is to look at the role of the church, the roadmap to bill 10 and the report that has come out of bill 10,” he said.

And Chipata pastors fellowship chairperson Bishop Wedstone Banda, who is also  Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Eastern Province chairperson,
said the church would remain non-partisan.

“People who will say the church is for a certain party or whatever are actually in the wrong. The church is supposed to be consulted by all
the parties. We don’t lean to any party, we are very free and we offer advice to the political parties,” he said. “The church remains the same, the
political parties will come and go but the church remains the same. So my appeal is that even the church itself, some people  have not
understood the role of the church. When the parties
differ, we are there to offer a reconciliatory role and that is our role.”

Bishop Banda appealed to fellow clergy to ensure that they offer advice to the government of the day and those that would come.

“The governments must listen to the church as well because they were the right people to offer advice to the government because they were non-partisan and we want the country to maintain peace and order so
that all the citizens are able to stay and worship their God in peace,” Bishop Banda said.

In his welcoming remarks, Bishop Banda said only pastors from EFZ were present at the meeting although he had sent messages to both ZCCB and CCZ.

The visiting bishops were brought to the venue of the meeting by an officer from the ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs.

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