PF is panicking and dangerously so

The Socialist Party says the governing PF is in a panic mode as its popularity is growing thinner and thinner in many parts of the country.

In their statement following the party’s Central Committee meeting at its president, Dr Fred M’membe’s Garden compound office in Lusaka last week, the party noted that Zambia’s economy and political climate have continued to deteriorate, degenerating into crises of higher magnitude – with all the inbuilt characteristics for a total national disaster. 

The Central Committee pointed out that the Patriotic Front is oblivious of this pending disaster. 
“It continues to perpetuate a political culture based on personality attacks, hate speeches, state sponsored violence, rather than a peaceful and consensus-based path of national development. The unabated high levels of corruption have further complicated economic management and stewardship. The livelihood of millions of Zambians is at stake – due to the resulting failure to provide the basic necessities of life such as water, sanitation, food, shelter, education and health,” says the SP. “The Zambian economy is and will not provide the required jobs under this poorly managed economy. Unemployment, hunger and poverty will remain a permanent feature of the Patriotic Front’s neo-liberal capitalist policies accompanied with corruption and sheer incompetency. Additionally, the electricity load-shedding and the drastic tariff increases have added a new dimension to the hardships that the majority of the people have to contend with. It is evident that the ruling party is no longer the dominant force that it was a few years back in Zambia’s political arena. The majority of the people are realising that the Patriotic Front project is a ‘raw deal’. It has failed to deliver justice, equity and peace to the masses of our people. As a result, the Patriotic Front is in a panic mode as its popularity is growing thinner and thinner in many parts of the country. Part of its response to the declining popularity is through the systematic contraction of the democratic space. Opposition political parties are increasingly subjected to open and covert violence and bribery. They have to continuously endure filthy propaganda, fake news and fabrications, among others. Under the maze of confusion within the circles of government, civil servants are working under a cloud of uncertainty with regard to security of tenure of employment. They are being fired at will on weird grounds. The general picture is that the government has lost direction.”

We agree.

And a panicking ruling elite is always a danger to the nation. As is the case today, the PF regime is fighting on every front there is to remain relevant. Without strategy, it is creating enemies with almost every citizen. The situation has effectively been turned into them against the Zambians. One cannot cough lest the PF accuses you of spreading fake news that Zambia is experiencing an uncontrolled influenza! Trade unions can’t demand payment of their members’ delayed salaries without receiving threats of deregistration, students can’t cough over delayed allowances, which have now been withdrawn. Edgar Lungu’s PF won’t even tolerate patriotism – for patriots don’t condone corruption, wastefulness, cruelty, undemocratic tendencies or a leadership that doesn’t put service at the core of its mandate.

Under Edgar, whoever brings a voice of reason is attacked as a hired gun or bitter opposition member!
They borrowed excessively and when citizens warned that debt would choke Zambia, all PF vuvuzelas were deployed in chorus shouting fake news! Fake news! Fake news!

And today the country is servicing foreign debt through its nose at the expense of the local economy.
But while the economy has stagnated and some local businesses are winding up, Edgar’s lenses are solely set on re-election! Edgar and his minions are already campaigning for 2021.

Not a day goes by, minister this, minister that, MP this, has donated 1,500 bags of mealie-meal to that constituency, K100,000 to a church – huge amounts of money thrown around! But where are they getting that money? Anyway, we are not surprised, Bowman Lusambo has revealed to the nation what is in the PF bag. Bowman says what they’ve been giving out is just a tip of an iceberg of what will come in 2021! This is what happens when a ruling party resorts to uncouth tactics, bribery and blatant corruption to win elections. What we are seeing is a brazen resolve to retain office by hook or crook, which is unacceptable. Clearly, PF is panicking. And it is dangerously in panic mode.

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