PF snubs Dandy Krazy

I AM a musician who has helped this PF government but you are not helping me, abapongoshi bandi nabafwa ku Livingstone but ministers not picking my calls, cries Wesley Chibambo, popularly known as ‘Dandy Crazy’.

In an audio posted in a PF WhatsApp group, Chibambo, who not long ago bragged that he was enjoying wealth in President Lungu’s government, lamented that his in-law has died in Livingstone but all the PF ministers he phoned to ask for financial support were not picking his calls.

The PF cadre and musician who spoke in Bemba lamented that PF ministers have abandoned him at a time he has a bereavement forgetting that he does not work for any one but the PF.

“Country men, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dandy Crazy…Dandy Crazy has got a funeral of which my in-law nabafwa ku Livingstone and I am trying to call members of parliament that I know, and I can even mention their names but they are not helping me. Ine nalibombela icipani, tapaba uko bomba apart from ukubombela icipani (I have worked for the party, I don’t work anywhere else apart from the party). I am a musician who has helped this PF government but you are not helping me, ninkwata icililo, abapongoshi bandi nabafwa ku Livingstone,” Chibambo cried.

Chibambo, the architect of ‘Donchi Kubeba, a theme song that ushered PF into government in 2011, said most people knew that he was rich and his in-laws were waiting for him to provide the coffin and transport family members to the house of mourning in Livingstone.

He said 10 people had arrived at his home in Kitwe and he wanted to take them to Livingstone for the funeral but he does not have a vehicle.

He told the ministers who are also part of the PF Whatsapp group that he did not have what to tell them after they did not respond to his calls.

“Nobody is picking the phones. Ba honourable nimitumina abengi sana, nshilefwaya ukumilumbula amashina. Tulamibombela nokumibombela, mulatubomfya nomba tamulefwaya ukulatwafwa nga twaisa kuli imwe (honourable ministers I have phoned many of you, I don’t want to mention your names, we do your work, you even use us but you don’t want to help us when we come to you).”

The outspoken vocalist further urged the PF to give them (PF musicians) contracts so that they stop rushing to them to ask for money.

Chibambo lamented that as musicians for PF, they also had needs like paying rentals and schools fee for their children and empowering them would be the only solution to avoid his current predicament.

“Tupeniko ama contracts so that twilamilomba, ukulomba tekusuma (give us contracts so that we stop begging from you, begging is not good). It’s not okay, mukalanda ati tatwaba bwino, efilya mumona tulelanda tulesabaila (in the end you will say we are not good) because of you people. Empower us so that twilamilomba, give us contracts so that tuleibombela fwebene twilamilomba ishakwitumba (we work for ourselves instead of asking for money from your pockets),” Chibambo further lamented.

“Nimitumina ama phone mwebengi but you are not picking my calls, you are too busy for me now. But you want for me to be working for you, I don’t know uko tuleya mwandini, anyway it’s okay and thank you.”

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