Headline Matters with Chambwa: TIME

WHATEVER you can think of will one day be no more. Something like catakamana cakayoosha (that without an end is dreadful). If only it can sink down our soul that TIME is the healer of all ailments, we could have, a long time ago, stopped speculating. But no; it’s still fashionable to do so.

Look, esteemed readers, there was Roy Welensky and Evelyn Hone and all the fallen independence heroes you can think of. I mean Zambia’s heroes. Due to time, they are no more. Across the Zambezi River, our fellow depressed men and women were once under typical despotism. After more than three full decades, they were kind of ‘saved.’ But by another first-rate despot! If you mull over it, its matchlessly depressing; but TIME holds the correct answer for our brothers and sisters.

Maybe I should not sympathise with the piercing situation across Zambia’s boundaries. There is too much rot locally and hopefully, time can sanitise everything. Yes, the year is still young but yesteryear’s pillage of public resources mustn’t be buried. TIME heals but not now; the pain is still fresh. Our money has gone, our land is hugely getting privatised, our pristine forests are being adulterated for high-profile bungalows, our tree logs of great economic value are China-bound, our precious stones are being ‘briefcased,’ our wild animals are depleting, and yet the Zambian population is growing. Is a glamorous future assured here?

There was a TIME when our wildlife, for instance, worried only about a few predators within the bushes. Forests, obviously, ‘worried’ about being destroyed by bush fires and the like. But not anymore; Zambian MAN has become a stupid consumer of everything – planes, gold, emeralds, mukula, forests, ambulances, fire engines, roads, airports, solar hammer mills, road speed traps, digital migration, fertiliser, fuel and impalas. If you want, add to the nefarious list buffalos, zebras, giraffes and kudus. Poor animals! This lot can annoyingly consume, without a thought of constipation. We are glaring at venality that can ‘win’ this country a Grammy award.

Many patriots seem despondent. So, what will save us from this light-fingered cluster? TIME! But this TIME doesn’t seem to be moving so fast. Can you imagine that today is STILL January 12, 2020! Maybe we just cut this year by 20 per cent and see where we’ll leapfrog to? Anyway, for now it’s tick-tock, tick-tock. THEY are certainly apprehensive, except I can’t elaborate on what I mean. I’ve run out of TIME! TIME will settle this entire muddle; let’s just identify a STRIKER to give us a winning goal. For now, it’s a one-all stalemate between the decent and indecent. Again, it’s tick-tock, tick-tock.

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