Never try to vote for PF again, they will subject them to more problems till 2030, says Rainbow

RAINBOW Party member of the central committee in Sinda Boston Phiri says it is unpredictable as to who can carry the day in 2021 because it will be a stiff election and not a joke.

In an interview, Phiri has called on Zambians never to try to vote for PF again because it will subject them to more problems till 2030.

“The 2021 election won’t be a joke as it will be stiff one that it’s very difficult and unpredictable as to which party will go through, especially when bill 10 goes through as I don’t see other people overtaking PF,” he said.

He advised the PF to change the way of governing in an event they are given another mandate because they have known their mistakes made in the period they have governed Zambia.

“If PF goes through in 2021, I am sure they have known their mistakes they have made and they will start afresh meaning they have to correct all the mistakes and govern nicely to the expectations of the citizens and if they go in that way, they will rule up to 2030 but if they don’t address their mistakes, I can guarantee you people of Zambia are not happy and PF has to leave,” Phiri said.

He added that once Zambians give PF another mandate, it would be difficult for it to change its attitude and the people would be subjected to much more suffering.

“I don’t urge people to vote for PF. What it is is that in 2021 people of Zambia should not vote for PF unless otherwise. Let them go for a peaceful party, which is Rainbow, which does not use sarcastic language or any sort of violence. Truly if they continue to vote for PF, it will be difficult for them to change their governance style as a result Zambians will suffer forever and ever,” Phiri said.

He boasted that Rainbow Party was not very much popular because it was not an empty bucket that makes a lot of noise.
He said the Rainbow Party believed in developmental ideologies rather than violence and sarcastic language, which was common with other parties.

He accused the PF of perpetuating corruption, which he said was the root of the PF government.

“The money of the country has been pocketed by them and that is why now they are deciding to scrap their salaries because ndalama zabapakila (they have too much money). They want to bring in deputy ministers, we long time ago advised them against huge salaries to top leaders but they didn’t listen and now you see the route they have taken which we advised them against years back. Now Zambia economically is crippled because of poor governance of the PF government,” said Phiri.

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