‘A hungry population is an angry population’

Bishop Timothy Chisala says a hungry population is an angry population and very dangerous.

Commenting on the riots in Chingola on Wednesday where residents looted shops over allegations of ritual killings in the town, Bishop Chisala says many Zambians are going through very hard times.

“All this is emanating from the economic situation of the country. These people are venting their anger of frustrations on the wrong targets. This is what people have been saying ‘we are sitting on a time bomb.’ Protests all over. A hungry population is very dangerous,” says bishop Chisala. “If the authorities will not address the issue of poverty, it will be difficult to control the hungry public. Things are bad. And when we say things are bad, we mean just that. It is time those in authority should listen and act. Failure to listen and act will just be more protests and problems. People are suffering. Life is miserable for the people now. We need solutions from those in authority, not just showing up.”

There’s a proverbial saying that someone deprived of a basic necessity will not be easily placated.
Someone who doesn’t get what he wants can be frustrated and even become violent.

When someone is hungry – especially for a long time in a situation of such a basic need – there is little patience. They tend to be more direct, less forgiving, short tempered. One can’t be happy; because when you are hungry, you are desperate for food and you don’t care about anything or anyone else and you just want to put something in your stomach so it’s not the right time for you to be bothered!
An empty stomach has no ear; one who is hungry loses patience to wait.

When you are hungry, you need to satisfy your hunger which is a natural desire to satiate a natural instinct.
When you are hungry beyond the tolerable time, irrespective of your efforts to overcome it by various means, it’s quite natural to feel angry for not getting a thing to satiate a hunger that has been intensifying.
If you are hungry, you are not going to be happy. You’re not going to be happy, or productive if you can’t afford to eat.

It is a hard time in Zambia and the common family has trouble buying food. If all of your money goes to rent and food, then how can you afford to buy anything else?
This is an everyday worry for millions of Zambians.

People are happy when they have food, home, and the time and money it takes to enjoy their hobbies. Just imagine that there are no jobs. You are starving, not just for the day, but all the time. You can’t find a job. Your children are starving.

Someone comes around and tells you they know a way to make things better. Put food in your belly. You’re going to listen to that person!

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