FAZ warns members from associating with banned officials

[By Bright Tembo]

THE Football Association of Zambia has warned members against associating with banned officials as it is in contravention of the Constitution.

According to a statement made available to The Mast by acting communication manager Sydney Mungala, FAZ has noted with concern that some members have been freely mingling and entertaining officials who are serving bans.

According to the FAZ constitution, members are prohibited from entertaining or associating with banned officials.

Article 13 (h) of the FAZ Constitution states, “The Members of FAZ have the following obligations: Not to maintain any relations of a sporting nature with entities that are not recognised or with members that have been suspended or expelled.”

“Members are encouraged to abide by FAZ statutes that provide all the guidelines in terms of members’ obligations,” Mungala stated.

“Clubs that deal with banned officials in contravention of the constitution may face sanctions as provided for in the FAZ Constitution in Article 14. Banned officials are not allowed to participate in any football activity which includes attending football matches or convening meetings with members.”

FAZ has updated the membership on the on-going provincial administrators’ workshops that have been hugely successful.

“Members are encouraged to attend the workshops that will have to up-skill the administrators in the management of the game,” he stated.

The workshops are also being used as a platform for provincial delegates to adopt their constitutions and also select delegates to the February 1, 2020 Extraordinary General Meeting.

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