WE NEED HELP…political landscape in Eastern Province is not Ok – PF official

EASTERN Province PF information and publicity secretary William Phiri has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to bring back Lameck Mangani in the political system of the party.

He says the political landscape in the province is not okay, “let’s not beat [about] the bush. We need help”.

Phiri says 2021 would not be a mere election hence the PF needs political giants like Mangani to win the battle.

“Let us swallow our pride, people of kum’mawa (East) and accept that politics is about numbers. We need everyone who left PF because of differences or misunderstandings. I totally believe we can resolve these on the roundtable. There are certain political figures within the province that we can’t afford to ignore and doing so will be at our own peril. It’s always wise and prudent to mix the old and new blood in politics if we have to balance the political equations,” he said, in a Facebook posting.

“Lameck Mangani is one figure and factor we can’t ignore. The man has vast experience in politics; he is the man of the people, great organiser, slow to anger and very wise. People have so much respect for him. He has tutored many of us in political science and we still hold his philosophies and ideologies in high esteem. 2021 is not a mere election, it’s the battle of the Titans and we need political Giants like Mangani to beef up the campaigns for the PF to win the battle. The president of the party, one Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is a listening man and it’s my prayer that he may consider bringing Mangani back in the political system of the party. Indeed, we need him to win and unite the hearts of traditional leaders and those that have left due to frustration or misunderstandings.”

Phiri stated that Eastern Province had the potential to cancel the Southern Province vote.

“Let’s not lie to ourselves that Eastern Province is the bedroom of the PF. If we can mobilise close to a million voters the way UPND has done in Southern Province, then we can safely say it’s a stronghold. Let’s not give the President wrong information. We need to mobilise hard and vigorously before December 2020, then we can be sure of victory. Eastern alone has the potential to cancel the Southern Province vote, if only we embrace new ideas, love one another, support one another, bring back political giants like Mangani who understands party mobilisation from the grassroots,” he stated.

“Gologolo, as he is known to some of us, Mangani has new ideas and he is ready to hit the ground any time. I’m ready to embrace and work with this man for the benefit of the party. I’m not ready to lose power in 2021. Permission to speak freely, the political landscape in the province is not okay, let’s not beat [about] the bush. We need help.”

On July 2 last year, Mangani, who featured on Breeze FM political Hour programme, said he was currently on a political bench but complained that some people who laughed at him when he defected from MMD to PF have taken a bigger space in PF.

“Right now some of the people that laughed at me at that time that ‘no he is a mad person, he has followed Mr Sata, he doesn’t know what he is doing’ are some of the people who are benefitting from that initiative. So we opened the door for several other people and it was easy for some of my brothers and sisters who were behind even those that laughed at me gradually joining and they have even taken a bigger space in PF than myself. So you always pioneer these things for the sake of others and for me I think I looked at the bigger picture of Eastern Province that the province needed to be part of this change,” said Mangani.

Mangani served as Chipata Central MMD member of parliament from 2006 to 2011 and served as home affairs among others.

In 2011 he defected to PF where he served as Eastern Province chairperson.

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