No normal person can or should vote for PF – Lungu

THE UPND says the PF regime is working hard to deflect attention away from everything that matters to the common man.

Joseph Lungu, from the party’s research and policy bureau, stated that no normal person can, would or should support the PF.

“The public must also know, that the PF regime is working hard to deflect attention away from everything that matters to the common man and woman – health, education, food on the table, jobs, rampant corruption; and instead pursuing unproductive lines of public conversation. All normal people must say no to this reckless duplicity. It is not UNZALARU who should be under scrutiny here,” Lungu stated. “It is the PF regime we should all be holding accountable for destroying this country in big money public project ponzi schemes that make them rich and wealthy while impoverishing a whole nation and several generations of its future citizens.”

He stated that the UPND does not think or believe that the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) literally meant that anyone who would or will vote the Patriotic Front is literally an idiot.

“We honestly don’t believe that. Agreed, that the use of such colourful expressions energise all manner of misplaced emotions but we have to be careful not to miss the broader context of this public conversation. It has been said before, that the Constitution exists to secure individual freedoms, an essential condition of human flourishing; and that liberty is not provided by the government; liberty pre-exists government,” he stated.
“Fundamental freedoms and liberties are in fact our collective natural birthright, and not a gift from the government. Additionally, by virtual of the fact that the Constitution and all it confers upon those on whose account it exists, is given unto the people, for the people and by the people themselves, it is both mischievous and preposterous that the Patriotic Front (PF) regime wishes to self-appoint itself as the ‘constitutional authority’ unto the people, and therefore, seek to regulate what rights and freedoms the people shall enjoy and how these must be enjoyed, as well as when.”

Lungu stated that freedom of speech had nothing to do with one’s choice of words.

He stated that it was anchored on the basic principle of free expression.

“One may therefore take offence against one’s choice of words, and perhaps rightly so; but that in itself does not constitute an illegality under our republican Constitution and certainly is not enough to warrant the withdrawal of a fundamental right,” Lungu stated.

“Thus, calls and attempts by the PF, it’s members and those in government who serve its interests that the union of lecturers and researchers should be deregistered for mere use of colourful language is not only petty but also a blatant attempt to launch another illegal assault on our constitutional sovereignty; the same way the PF regime has been conducting illegal raids on every constitutional provision that seeks to get in the way of their continued stay in power.”

He stated that that was why PF was relentlessly imposing bill 10, with all its cannibalistic contents, unto the people.

“Lest we forget, the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU), in their statement, raised some fundamental points of truth which exposed the PF’s leadership ineptitude; truths which this useless government has conveniently overlooked and instead used a single ‘idiot’ remark – remarkably taken out of context, as a point of reference,” stated Lungu.

“Besides, within the same statement, UNZALARU more than qualified the use of the ‘idiot’ remark in this one short sentence: ‘No normal person would support such nonsense’. And UNZALARU is right. Which normal person would applaud a government for failing to pay their salaries for over three months? Which normal person would support a government for stealing billions of dollars while failing to buy hospital equipment and medicines? Which normal person would support a government for failing to manage the energy sector resulting in over 15 hours of load-shedding every day, costing the economy over $7 billion and destroying small businesses and household incomes? Which normal person can support a government that instigates by-elections purposefully to self-preserve and spend over K2 million on each by-election and yet fail to pay pensioners? Which normal person would support a government for stealing over $30 million in a single public procurement scam involving fire tenders, and over $1.5 billion in mukula revenue theft? Which normal person would support a government that de –gazettes a sensitive water recharge zone?”

Lungu stated that no normal person “can, would or should support this, and indeed no normal person can or should vote for such a government”.

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