Nsefu announces replacement for dethroned but defiant chief Kakumbi

SENIOR Chief Nsefu of the Kunda people in Mambwe district says a person who will act as chief Kakumbi following the removal of John Kunda Kapepa from the throne has already been appointed.

In a statement dated January 13, 2020, Nsefu stated that the acting chief Kakumbi would act for one year or less.

“Acting chief Kakumbi who will act for one year or less is already appointed to take over power and the genuine and real family of chief Kakumbi will give me one person and the installation of the new chief
will take place,” he stated.

Chief Nsefu stated that in 2000, he refused to install the dethroned chief on three occasions.

He stated that he was only convinced when chiefs invited chieftainess Nyanje of the Nsenga people in Sinda.

Chief Nsefu also warned two officials of Kakumbi Community Resource Board whom he alleged were aiding Kapepa to cause confusion in his kingdom.

He also warned one businessman in Chipata and a Zambian of Asian origin in Lusaka that they risk being barred from conducting business in Kunda land for aiding Kapepa to rise against him.

Chief Nsefu wished the dethroned chief well in his private life.

“I have no personal grudge against my subject John Kunda Kapepa, let him lead his private life and may the Almighty God bless him and his family,” he stated.

According to the letter addressed to chief Kakumbi dated December 28, 2019, Senior Chief Nsefu stated that from the time the dethroned chief was installed, the Kunda Royal Establishment has sorted out more than 50 cases of his involvement, some of them horrible.

“Just to remind you, among other cases are setting ablaze the women’s shelter and benches at Kakumbi old palace turn off, [over] which you were charged eight goats, torturing your own subjects by denying them consent letters to electrify their homes, totally ignoring the Rural Electrification Programme being promoted by the government of Zambia.

Among other cases, you have been refusing to give consent to land to fellow Zambians for shops, guest houses and tourism facilities which were to be considered as development by yourself in your area. We need to empower citizens with land to develop the nation at large even advised by the current government,” said Nsefu, who also directed chief Kakumbi to use his name John Kunda Kapepa as he was no longer a chief and that he should surrender instruments of power through the Royal Kunda establishment particularly through Chiefs Malama, Jumbe, Mnkhanya and Msoro.

But Kakumbi had resisted his dethronement and has demanded an apology from Nsefu.

Through his lawyers Gilbert Phiri, Kakumbi has said his overthrow by Senior Chief Nsefu is null and void as procedure to dethrone a chief was not followed.

He vowed to continue acting as chief Kakumbi saying he was validly on the throne and was duly gazetted as he was selected by his family after satisfying the requirements needed for occupying his position.

In a letter dated January 6, 2020, Kakumbi indicating that the entirety of the allegations contained in his letter pointedly lacked veracity as he failed to tabulate the alleged fifty cases levelled against him (Chief Kakumbi).

“Very grave and serious allegations which border on defamation of our client’s character have been raised in the subject letter and which cannot be substantiated at all,” reads the letter.

“Following from this, we are in further receipt of instructions to demand an apology and retraction of the supriously false and reckless allegations against our client within seven days failure to which our client will consider legal options at his disposal to vindicate his name.”

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