[By Bright Tembo] 

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga says he has not attacked the previous executive for failing to amend the FAZ constitution. 

Opening the football administrators’ course on the Copperbelt on Monday, Kamanga urged paying attention to the basics.

“What is always surprising is that we tend to ignore to read what is in the constitution and we are quick to complain about unfairness, yet we have not even paid attention to the basics. Just to give you some background I have already been misquoted over a statement I made yesterday (Sunday) in Solwezi and I am going to make it again. For those who are very good at writing I have already been misquoted in one newspaper that I went to attack the previous administration that they did not have the will to amend the constitution,” he said. “All of us are very familiar that we amended the constitution in March 2017 and that was arising out of a decision by FIFA which was made 10 years ago that all federations should adapt and align to FIFA statutes.

“By the time we arrived in 2016 we found a letter to adjust the constitution. Of course with the help of FIFA we were given an extension and of course in 2017 we adjusted the constitution and the fundamental changes in the constitution is what we are seeing today.

First we have had a reduction of the Electoral College for FAZ, we have had a reduction to the delegates to the FAZ AGM. We have now seen the decentralisation of FAZ activities. For the first time we have FAZ offices in all the provinces.”

Kamanga adds that FAZ has already sent the electoral college and electoral roadmap to FIFA ahead of the forthcoming elections. 

“The constitution now allows for the election of a FAZ member for each province which has never happened before. We are going to these elections in March for the first time… So those who are clever enough to have been claiming that we were even avoiding elections must be disappointed because FIFA itself as far back as October/November last year wanted a roadmap for the upcoming elections in March. I can inform you today that as at December, we submitted the roadmap to FIFA which was approved,” said Kamanga. “We have been accused again! I am not here to campaign and I do not know if anybody has heard any campaign message from me in what I have said. I was misquoted yesterday that I am busy campaigning. It is unfortunate because we do have a mandate to run football up to the time when the next executive is elected. We cannot stop working because of elections, even a day before elections we will still be in office and we will still make decisions. Unfortunately, those who want to come in have to wait a little bit longer until that happens.

“It is regrettable that when this equipment is being given out there is suddenly a cry that campaigns have started. I will still come to the roadmap for elections. For now, whether we give you the kit or not it has nothing to do with elections, it has got everything to do with your entitlement as members because that is what you get if you are a member of FAZ.

“Even those who want to come you should be asking them, are you going to reverse these policy decisions? It is a FAZ position, it has got nothing to with this FAZ executive. Our mandate is ending, those who want to come should be prepared to continue with what we are doing because this is for you the members.”

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