We need more strong principles, values than ever before

We live in a very complex world.

In this type of world, we need very strong principles, values and standards to help navigate through the clutter.
As Dr Fred M’membe said when addressing a rally in Matero last Saturday, “A very complex era like the one we are in today requires strong principles than ever before. It requires more strong values. It requires more broadmindedness. It requires listening to every one without thinking that we are the owners of the absolute knowledge and truth. To deal with the complex problems we are facing today will require more principles than ever before. Where are these principles, values going to come from? They will come from adding together the best of our political teachings, religious teachings and ethical and humane ideas. It’s impossible to build a better Zambia without strong principles, values and new progressive ideas. The individual does best in a strong and decent community of people with principles and standards and common aims and values.”

Indeed, more strong principles and values are needed to steer us through this complex world and to guide our decisions.

Values and principles have been used as a guide since the dawn of time. But for many and in our politics today, principles and values are lost or largely been forgotten.

Values are beliefs, attitudes and opinions that people hold regarding specific issues. They are standards of behaviour about what is important in life. Integrity, kindness, compassion and honesty are examples of commonly held values.

Principles are fundamental truths that are permanent, unchanging, and universal in nature.
Our lives are defined by principles. They also serve as the foundations for behaviour that gets us what we want out of life.

We control our actions, but the consequences that flow from those actions are controlled by principles.
Our actions need to be aligned with our values and principles.

The complexities of this world can overwhelm, stress us. When the world gets too complicated, our principles and values become our compass.

It is, therefore, essential to have a clear set of values and principles.
The person who tries to navigate through the complexities of this world, ignoring principles and values, is sure to have trouble.

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