Boy 10 tells court how Ndola woman stoned his friend

A 10 YEAR-OLD boy has told the Ndola Magistrates’ Court how Madrine Numwa stoned a four-year-old neighbour’s son who was popping fire works.

On January 1, this year, Caroline Mumba 35, reported on behalf of her four-year-old son that he was assaulted by Numwa 40, using a stone.

The incident happened in Ndeke area when the child was playing outside the house with his friends while lighting fireworks.

It is alleged that Numwa wanted to displace the children, and threw a stone at the children, which hit the victim on his forehead.

The child sustained a deep cut on the forehead.

When the matter came up last week, Numwa denied the charge.

When the matter came for trial before magistrate Changa Chitabo, the 10-year-old boy narrated to court how Numwa stoned his four-year-old friend.

“I’m 10 years old and (the victim) is my neighbour. On the material day, we were popping fire works. Then untie (accused) came from where she was seated and started to through stones at us. She picked the first stone and it missed us, the second stone hit me on the leg and the third stone him (the victim) on the forehead and he started bleeding,” the boy narrated.

“I lifted him and took him to the mother. We did not throw fire works on her, no, they went in the air.”

Asked by defence lawyer if it was other people that stonned the friend, the boy remained composed and insisted that it was Numwa who stoned them.

Magistrate Chitabo adjourned the matter to Tuesday January 21 for ruling.

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