East PF official rebuts colleague’s ‘we need help’ call

EASTERN PF Province youth chairperson Emmanuel Banda says PF is intact in Eastern Province because people are happy with the development delivered so far.

And Banda says Lameck Mangani is still a member of PF and his advice is welcome to the party and the Eastern Province leadership.

Reacting to The Mast story quoting Eastern Province PF information and publicity secretary William Phiri(above), who appealed to President Edgar Lungu to bring back Mangani in the political system of the party, Banda says the political landscape in the province is not okay, “let’s not beat about the bush. We need help.”

Phiri said 2021 would not be a mere election hence the PF needs political giants like Mangani to win the battle but Banda refuted the claims, saying instead that the PF in Eastern Province was a favourable party.

Banda said if Phiri was tired, he should take a break from party activities for him to sober up.

He said it was indiscipline for IPS to issue divisive remarks when the party was mobilising for 2021.

“Me and the IPS, we were once suspended because we erred. When suspensions were lifted, we promised the leadership that we have changed but I can see that William Phiri has not changed. He is still with the same misbehaving mentality, which caused us to be suspended. He wants to divide the party in Eastern Province. What I can tell you for free is that Eastern Province is intact,” Banda said.

“It is very surprising to hear from IPS Eastern Province that the party needs help. What help when the party is on course? What I can say is that the IPS wants to divide us when we are busy mobilising the party for 2021. Even if we call for election today, the PF party can win with big margin in Eastern Province. People in the area are happy with the developments that are going on. All the farmers are happy with FISP, they are happy with development. We are very in tact.”

He said PF was a democratic party which had a channel through which members and leaders should share their concerns on party affairs.

“It is uncalled for for the IPS to come and say Eastern Province executive needs help from hon. Mangani, which means now the IPS wants to force the President not to be democratic. We know the President has been very democratic, that is why he called for election,” Banda said.

“He wanted the new and old members to participate if they wanted positions in the provincial executive. The party is bigger than any individual. It is not one man’s show but everyone including Mr Mangani. We are a democratic party and everyone is welcome to contribute to the party.”

He said Mangani had an opportunity to contest the provincial leaders’ election if he wanted to contribute at provincial level.

He appealed to President Lungu not to mind the call by the IPS.

“Honourable Mangani in 2015 defected to UPND and during a presidential by-election, he campaigned with the opposition UPND. But because President Edgar Lungu is a very good man, in 2016, honourable Mangani said no, I want to come back to my party and President Lungu and entire leadership in Eastern welcomed him back to the party. It shows that President Lungu doesn’t want to leave any one behind as long as he is willing to work with him,” Banda said.

He further likened Phiri to a betrayer who wanted to break the spirit of the party.

“President Lungu called for provincial elections and Mr Mangani was free to stand in any position but he never participated. So, it doesn’t make sense for this IPS to start bringing issues that had potential to break the spirit of the party. He is a Judas Iscariot, he wants to divide the party…. If our IPS is tired, let him take a break from party activities so that he can sober up. As a party, we expect discipline among our members as we grow the part,” said Banda.

Phiri on his Facebook page appealed to President Lungu to bring back Mangani in the political system of the party.
He says the political landscape in the province was not okay.

He said, “let’s not beat [about] the bush. We need help”.

Phiri says 2021 would not be a mere election hence the PF needs political giants like Mangani to win the battle.
“Let us swallow our pride, people of kum’mawa (East) and accept that politics is about numbers. We need everyone who left PF because of differences or misunderstandings. I totally believe we can resolve these on the roundtable. There are certain political figures within the province that we can’t afford to ignore and doing so will be at our own peril. It’s always wise and prudent to mix the old and new blood in politics if we have to balance the political equations,” he said, in a Facebook posting.

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