Employment of Chipolopolo coach is illegal – Siwale

[By Bright Tembo]

BANNED FAZ aspiring president Blackwell Siwale has charged that the employment of a national team coach is illegal because it is not being done by the technical and development committee.

He said it was a waste of money to employ a coach now because Chipolopolo’s Africa Cup qualifiers will only be played later in the year.

“There is no activity for the national team. Why are we rushing to employ a coach today who is going to be a tourist? There is nothing like time to acclimatise here because the advert for the coach clearly says it, that the coach should have vast knowledge of African football. So there is nothing like acclimatising,” he said. “The $10,000 that government promised to pay the coach we could have sent our local Al [coaches] for trainings in this period where the national team is on recess. But you will be paying someone to go and watch Nkana vs Power; you will be paying someone to go and watch Nkokola Blades vs Nchanga Rangers.”

Siwale said under his administration, the association will continue to ban people who go against it.

“We will ban people that will deliberately flout the rules of football, not to fix perceived enemies as it is the case now. That will not do and we will ensure that justice is done and such that nobody is left complaining that he was not given an opportunity to be heard like in my case where I just received a letter that I have been banned without even being heard, without even being charged,” he said.

“In any case you (FAZ) can only ban people who are within your jurisdiction. I am not a member of FAZ and I am not a member of any club therefore I can’t come and ban Zachariah if he is not a member of FAZ or member of City of Lusaka for example. So yes not banning per se but discipline in any environment is cardinal, even in our homes. We will see how we can harmonise differences and move forward as one football family.”

He said he is aware that his eligibility to stand for FAZ president is in question.

“Yes my eligibility is questionable as at now because the matter is still in court until that is determined and I am very hopeful that it will be settled before the elections. We are very hopeful that the adjudication will be done before the election and if that is not done, there are other ways to sort it out,” said Siwale.

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