High Court convicts maid for lacing boss’ food with poison

THE Lusaka High Court has convicted a maid of Lusaka for lacing her employer’s food.

High Court judge Ruth Chibabuka has found Naomi Muyemba guilty of maliciously administering poison with intent to harm.

This was after the 44-year-old who denied the charge on January 10 u-turned against her plea and admitted the charge when the matter came up for trial.

Judge Chibabuka convicted Muyemba upon her on admission of guilt.

During mitigation, Muyemba, through her lawyer from the Legal Aid Board, begged the court to exercise maximum leniency as she was remorseful for her actions.

Muyemba vowed not to administer poison to anyone if she was given a second chance and that she would not commit any offence.

July 6, 2019, Muyemba, with intent to harm, maliciously administered unknown poison to Petronella Nkumbakwa by sprinkling it on the slices of bread and fried eggs which was meant for her breakfast.

Facts are that on July 3, 2019, Nkumbakwa, a human resource manager at TATA Zambia limited, was preparing for work between 06:00 and 08:00 to which she asked her maid to prepare breakfast for her.

The Human Resource manager at Tata Zambia asked her husband if he was having breakfast but he denied stating that he was fasting, as they had earlier engaged in a marital dispute.

Nkumbakwa asked Muyemba to pack her breakfast as she was running late.

Whilst driving to work, Nkumbakwa decided to eat the food prepared by her maid but before she could have a bite she noticed the food had some black powder sprinkled on it.

She later too the substance to the food and drugs laboratory at the University Teaching Hospital where it was tested and indicated that it was poison.

Nkumbakwa reported the matter to the police and Muyemba was later apprehended in connection with the offence.

During interrogatins, the 44-year-old led the police to her employers residence and led them to her bedroom where a variety of traditional medicine and the poison was discovered in a purse which was in her bag.

The matter comes up today for sentencing.

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