[By Bright Tembo]

SPORTS minister Emanuel Mulenga says he does not care who will win the fourth coming FAZ elective general meeting in March.

Mulenga said his job as a minister is to work with whoever will be elected and see how things go, going forward.

“One thing you must understand is that all of us are just doing our jobs, that is, the role of government is to govern, to make sure things are done according to the law. They are going for elections in [March], me I don’t care who will win, me I will work with whoever is going to win after March but the most important thing is to make sure that the elections are free and fair,” he said.

“I can’t talk on the AGM because I have not studied their constitution. It’s very important that we follow their constitution so that we are not sided or accused of siding with anyone, so we will follow the constitution to the letter.”

Mulenga urged the football fraternity to avoid infighting because they are not the ones to be affected.
“The ones that are going to be affected it’s the players, so let them end, let them do a ceasefire on the wrangles they are have now and concentrate on developing football, that’s the mind all of us should have so that we return to the glory days that we had,” Mulenga said.

Asked why he was asking for a technical report now, Mulenga said FAZ needed to understand where they went wrong.

“Look, when you are doing a business and if there has been failure in one thing, you start from where you went wrong for you to understand. FAZ needs to understand where they went wrong, where did the coach went wrong,” he said. “Then you pick it from there. They are trying to pick a new coach, isn’t it so? Why have they decided to let go of a local coach? It’s because there is a problem, so these are things they need to say in the report; what challenges were they facing when they had a local coach and what do they want for local coaches to address? That’s the objective. So from the technical report they are going to talk about the challenges and they are going to agree on what they want the coach to address.”

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