GOD IS UPSET WITH US…with the way we’ve conducted politics – Nawakwi

FDD president Edith Nawakwi said inasmuch as Zambians can talk of climate change, God was upset for those who were hacking each other in campaigns.

And Nawakwi has accused the Energy Regulation Board of having transformed itself into a new opposition party against the ruling Patriotic Front.

She says prophetically, God has been upset with politicians for the way “we have conducted politics”.
Speaking on Joy FM/Prime Television yesterday, Nawakwi called for bridging the gap and working together to move the country forward.

“I am grateful to the men and women of God who knelt in all these months when we have been faced with a calamity to pray and intercede on behalf of this country for us to be favoured by God. God has favoured us with rain. Now it’s up to us. So those who didn’t have a chance to plant maize, please plant sunflower, cowpeas and beans because you can buy maize or mealie-meal. And please let’s work hard,” she said. “I think that inasmuch as we say climate change, God was upset with us for those who were hacking each other in campaigns. Let us also look at our hearts; Are we doing things which please God? In the sight of God can you actually take an axe and kill your brother? In the bible, you will be cursed for killing your brother, and God will ask you ‘where is your brother?’ ‘Did you kill your brother for the purpose of the vote so that you are a ward councillor or something?’ No! So don’t take it purely as climate change. Prophetically God has been upset with we politicians for the way we have conducted politics. Let us bridge the gap, work together and be able to move this country forward.”

Nawakwi said the solution was not gold, copper or silver.

“The solution is in the soil. The solution is in our hands. We can feed the world. We can feed the region,” she said. “I want you to know that the World Food Programme does buy beans and does buy cowpeas to send to crisis nations where there is war. Let’s take the opportunity.”

On why women do not vote for her, Nawakwi instead wondered why “don’t all men in this country vote for this woman?”

“Because really you only need one million votes to be president of this Republic and there are 2.6 million men registered as voters on our roll. All you brothers, vote for me and don’t complain that my sisters don’t vote for me,” said Nawakwi. “You are the reason why I don’t go to State House but you are giving the excuse that my sisters don’t vote for me. It’s you my brothers who don’t vote for me. So you have heard, it’s more brothers who have called in, I expect that heard and you are the ones who are going to vote for me.”

On energy, Nawakwi said the ERB had abandoned the people.

She said the hiked electricity tariffs were a horrific dream to the poor.

“If you look at these rates that Zesco has released, it’s a nightmare. That is without thinking about the impact our decisions are going to be on the production especially the productivity of the people who matter; the informal sector, the small-scale sector,” Nawakwi said. “What Zesco is doing [is that] they have no water in Kariba Dam because Zesco sales water, some people say it’s electricity, no they sale water from Kariba and all of us know that the Kariba Dam is empty. In 2011 there were 5,000 employees in Zesco, in 2020 there are over 15,000 employees in Zesco. We still have the same Kariba Dam and it is empty. What Zesco management and their ERB want us to do, they want you and I to pay for keeping them sitting waiting for God to fill the Kariba. I find it very difficult.”
She said the ERB had departed from its original intended purpose. 

“When we created ERB, it was not the intention that they become spokesperson for utilities. It’s an inability to know their job description period! Because they are supposed to be the arbiters between the consumers and the utilities,” Nawakwi explained. “We were supposed to go to them and say it is not right for Zesco to say that they want to cover their cost using us when they are not supplying the goods. This is getting money by false pretences. This ERB is now the new opposition party against the PF because what they have done is unexpected.”

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