Zambia not Lungu’s personal property, says Halwabala

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is not the sole holder of Zambia, Neto Halwabala has said.

In an interview, Halwabala who is Southern Province UPND deputy spokesperson rubbished PF’s Choma-based central committee member Kebby Mbewe for insinuating that the PF will rule until 2040.

“Let them not force our country to be on political fire. We can’t be intimidated by PF leaders because Mr Lungu is not the sole holder of Zambia as a country,” he said. “Just because they are in power does not mean that Zambia is theirs or is Mr Edgar Lungu’s personal property.”

He said the UPND was left to wonder why PF is deadly scared of Hakainde Hichilema.

Halwabala said HH has and continued to gain popularity and love from the Zambians.

“The Patriotic Front under the dictatorial leadership of Edgar Lungu is frustrating, and the Zambian people are wishing that the general elections would be held like tomorrow to kick the party out of power. It has caused a lot of misery and pain to them due to high cost of living,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that the PF has failed to accept this fact and instead it has resorted to panic through cheap propaganda. For example, it’s Member of the Central Committee, Kebby Mbewe, is reported to have said that PF shall remain in power until 2040 after Dora Siliya told the nation that even if HH is to win in 2021, PF is not going to hand over power like what MMD did in 2011. Meanwhile, Stephen Kampyongo is threatening to arrest HH if he continues to predict his victory in 2021 which is totally misguided and illegal. We therefore, urge our colleagues in PF to sober up and stop destroying our democracy.”

Halwabala said Zambians knew that the PF was scared of the criminal activities it had committed.

“But this should not lead them to commit a more serious crime by refusing to hand over power to the legitimate government after the UPND wins the 2021 elections,” Halwabala said.

He warned the PF that Zambians would not tolerate more political nonsense from the ruling party.

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