[By Davies Chilufya]

THE YEAR is 2100, and I can see it with my spiritual eye, and thus speak: Zambia will be a prosperous nation, and no longer will her people drive secondhand Japanese vehicles, or send its presidents to die in foreign hospitals. A time is coming when Europeans shall defy the waves of oceans to sneak into Zambia and look for employment; a time when Zambians would take a trip to the moon for vacation. A time when cheap politics will be out of date here.

My dear countrymen and women, do not wonder, but believe with me and together we can shame those cynics who look at things that are, and ask, ‘Why?’ But together let’s look at things that are not and ask, ’Why not?’
Indeed why not a prosperous Zambia? This is the story of that future. So come along with me and take a giant leap eighty years from now and see Zambia as it will be then….

So welcome to Zambia of 2100, where the official language is Zamchingly, a hybrid of Chinese and several Zambian languages. The country has made major economic and political strides and has surpassed the middle-income benchmarks to be ranked at par with England and Germany in terms of standard of living. In fact, we have no Zambian in the diaspora, instead Europeans and other foreigners are daily flocking here looking for employment. The president is female, Madam Chie Len Kute, a Chinese Zambian.

Because of such positive economic developments, political cadres are no longer necessary. Hence we have no rhetoric from politicians anymore; who 80 years ago survived on the starving masses who looked to them for crumbs. Today, in 2100, things are different. The President, for example, is welcomed by a few of her cabinet ministers. Her children go to local schools and attend the same health facilities that the ordinary Zambians attend.
With abundant employment and massive foreign investment the government has used its revenues to improve the welfare of every Zambian. The capital city has been shifted from old Lusaka to ZamCity, a hi-tech showpiece only seen in Sci-Fi movies in 2020. For two reasons, of course; one of them being that some former president breached national security by revealing the presence of escape tunnels under State House. In the past politicians used to make very silly decisions, but not now. The second reason is that time to change had come. Lusaka was too congested, dirty and ill planned. For many years ruling party cadres had virtually turned themselves into a law and demarcated land in the capital for themselves and sold it to whoever they wanted, turning the once garden city into an ugly city full of garbage and trash.

But the new Zamcity has been beautifully designed and always kept clean by robotic refuse collectors. All public buildings are now required to be built with automatic fire detecting and suppressing systems – making them safe and beautiful. Recycling is big business and hence you don’t find litter anyhow. No ugly parameter walls.
There’s no crime in ZamCity. It’s predominantly an administrative modern Capital which the country uses to show off to the world how far we’ve come as a country – economically as well as politically. Here; in Zambia’s new capital city you don’t find industrial fumes or clusters of buildings like you used to see in 2020 or any time before now.

The civil service is extra efficient, and because of this, the Anti-Corruption Commission has been disbanded. What’s the use of maintaining an institution when the public has no use for it? Likewise the police service has been downsized.

Cultural and social trends

Polygamy is okay. There’s no GBV cases and women dress very modestly now. Men are so responsible and don’t look at women lustfully like in the past. Street kids and imbeciles are not there, just as shanty towns remain only in history books to remind us of where we have come from. You may not believe this, but there are no churches. Instead, many people now are on Online Churches. No need to attend church in a building. Technology has gone wild these day. We even have e-dress – a new Zambian invention that does not require fabrics. All you need is a chip in your body that can adorn you with any color and type of cloth you need. You can change your attire anywhere, anytime! This breakthrough innovation, once approved for commercial production, will make the textile industry extinct.

International affairs

The UN has been abolished and in its place is the World Federation of Inter-dependent States (WFIS). The United States of America is no longer a dominant power, but China is. No country bullies another country. Israel has been annexed by Iran, North and South Korea have reunited while Japan has been submerged under water. The King of England is a half cast with Zambian blood.

In sports

Zambia has hosted the FIFA World Cup once, reached the quarter finals three times and has won the cup itself twice. We have been to the AFCON scores of times, won it six times and has harvested hundreds of gold medals at numerous spots galas and events.

So, who wants to remain in 2100? Raise your hands.
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