What can the PF not do to win elections?

It seems that the Patriotic Front will stop at nothing to win an election. There’s completely no restraint or sense of morality.

How can one explain their hire of the only ferry, belonging to a state agency under their control as a ruling party, to the exclusion of all others for the next 20 days?

Is this honest politics? This is crooked politics in which the Patriotic Front are becoming experts. Can such crooks be trusted with running next year’s general elections?

There’s no way the Electoral Commission of Zambia should tolerate such abuses if it is to be trusted with running free and fair elections in Zambia. The ferry should be opened to all on a first come first served basis, with the exception of the President and the Vice-President. Failure to do this the by-election should be postponed.

The ferry in this case is like a road. While toll gate fees must be paid, no one should have the monopoly over the use of the road. This applies even to a privately operated public road, bridge or ferry.

Therefore, the complaints of the National Democratic Congress should be taken very seriously by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. If this conduct is not stopped a very bad and dangerous precedent will be set.

The Patriotic Front’s hire of the Chilubi ferry at Samfya Harbour, at the exclusion of others, is totally unacceptable and must be stopped or the by-election stopped.

This is a very serious electoral malpractice and abuse of office by the Patriotic Front that should not be tolerated.

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