Headline Matters with Chambwa: Hear me

I’m not a politician. Perhaps not yet! So, don’t misconstrue the frequency of politically-marinated columns here to be a confirmation of my being a full-blown politician. Headline Matters has to be in tandem with trendy happenings. Fortunately, or otherwise, it’s politics, as we know it here, that takes precedence. I can’t explicitly tell anyone if at all that’s an ideal situation.

Rex S Mwiche, your question in my inbox on whether I’m still a journalist or now a politician has been answered, from the outset. I’m not supposed to be responding, on this column, to every message I receive in my inbox. It doesn’t matter whether one is throwing disdain, praise or both at my persona. When politics trend so much, Headline Matters will tap into that and there shall be no regret on my part. That can’t qualify to be gloating, I believe. Hahaha!

But please know that I’m genuinely concerned about social issues like child marriages, lack of running water in compounds, ‘prophets’ of all hues, murder, divorces, petty theft, substance abuse, baby thefts, weddings, absenteeism in schools, especially primary schools, fights (Gender-Based Violence, included), prostitution and name it. Is kaloba a social or an economic issue? Whatever it is, I’m aware about all such.

Negative social issues depress me to an extent I cannot explain. Positive ones enchant me. As and when necessary, I will be writing on each one of the things I mentioned earlier. Do yourself a favour by reading The Mast on Sunday.

But to those who gratuitously engage into vices, I graciously appeal to your conscience; do the right thing. Please, HEAR ME and repent. A supposedly Christian Zambia shouldn’t be tainted by negativity. Hear me, I mean business with this advocacy for social decency. But let me end here, today.

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