LUNGU IS LOST…detached from reality, lost in governance – Chisala

IT is either President Edgar Lungu has detached himself from reality or he is lost in governance, observes Bishop Timothy Chisala.

Bishop Chisala, the overseer of All Nations Church International, says it is clear that at the moment the ‘President is lost’.

And Bishop Chisala has questioned where the PF is getting money to build its headquarters and conference centre in Lusaka when many Zambians and the business community are limping financially.

He said it was strange that at a time the country was faced with serious high prices of mealie meal, among others, the Head of State undertook a trip for an inauguration ceremony in Mozambique.

“As things stand, President Edgar Lungu is someone who seems not to be in touch with reality. He has detached himself from the ground. While prices of mealie meal continue to be on the high, the President surely can’t find it okay to start going out. Yes, we appreciate the bilateral relations with other neighbouring countries, but not at this time,” Bishop Chisala said. “What was more prudent is for the President to send the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Joe Malanji) to represent him.”

He said President Lungu should learn from PF founding president Michael Sata.

Bishop Chisala said the President should be more comfortable to be at home.

“But surely, the President has been moving in his presidential jet across the country. Just a few days ago, he even went on holiday, surely he needs to sit down and get countrywide reports, go through them and make decisive decisions,” he said. “This is not helping our country. The President needs to put his feet down. We have serious challenges in the country. As if poverty is not enough, we are blessed with the rains that are causing havoc in some parts of the country. These are issues that the President should be more focused on.”

And Bishop Chisala questioned the source of funds for construction of the PF headquarters and conference centre which President Lungu launched last Saturday.

“Now when everyone is complaining of a poor economy, the business community is complaining, where is the PF getting the funds for their construction? The President is aware of the funding. If he was not aware, he could have questioned his party. Unfortunately, it’s obviously public funds. So we expect the President to be above board and put the interests of the people first,” said Bishop Chisala. “We are not against the construction of their offices, but the timing is so wrong. The majority are suffering and the party in government is busy spending without care for the Zambian people. Just wait and see how much will be spent on the Chilubi parliamentary by-election.”

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