Royal family rejects Kakumbi dethronement

THE dethronement of chief Kakumbi of the Kunda people in Mambwe district has taken a new twist with his royal family rejecting his removal by senior Chief Nsefu (in picture) of the Kunda people.

Senior Chief Nsefu dethroned John Kunda Kapepa last month due to among other things alleged horrible acts and appointed chieftainess Msoro to be caretaker while waiting for the royal family to choose the would be chief.

But Kapepa through his lawyer Gilbert Phiri said the dethronement was null and void because the senior chief did not follow the right procedure.

During the royal family’s meeting held on Thursday, Kapepa’s mother, Christine Chiutika, said the dethronement would not be considered by the royal family.

Chiutika said being the mother of the dethroned chief, she was supposed to have been informed about the wrongs that her son committed before removing him.

She said as far as they were concerned, Kapepa was still chief Kakumbi.

Boniface Phiri, who is the nephew of the dethroned chief, said they would not consider chieftainess Msoro as the caretaker chief.

According to the letter addressed to chief Kakumbi dated December 28, 2019, Senior Chief Nsefu stated that from the time the dethroned chief was installed, the Kunda Royal Establishment has sorted out more than 50 cases of his involvement, some of them horrible ones.

“Just to remind you, among other cases are setting ablaze the women’s shelter and benches at Kakumbi old palace turn off, [over] which you were charged eight goats; torturing your own subjects by denying them consent letters to electrify their homes totally ignoring the Rural Electrification Programme being promoted by the government of Zambia. Among other cases, you have been refusing to give consent to land to fellow Zambians for shops, guest houses and tourism facilities which were to be considered as development by yourself in your area. We need to empower citizens with land to develop the nation at large as even advised by the current government,” he stated.

Senior Chief Nsefu said chief Kakumbi refused to give land to the local authority for a modern market, filling station and fire station.

“With your own powers, you have been demolishing houses, other structures of non-Kunda tribes and even chased them away, causing them to go back to their tribes and chiefdoms ignoring the One Zambia, One Nation motto for safeguarding your selfish and greedy behaviour. I have tried with other chiefs to help you live in harmony with your subjects but you have totally failed to do so. Your bad behaviour is even worse towards your blood sisters where you cannot mix, share and talk to them. Villages have been destroyed, people have been chased and land has been sold exorbitantly through corruption, this also involves business land where it has been sold to a tune that a poor Zambian cannot afford hence, denying the right to their land,” he stated.

Senior Chief Nsefu stated that the Catholic Church paid K20,000 for land to the council but chief Kakumbi refused to give the church a consent letter.

He stated that recently chiefs in the area resolved issues that almost went to the High Court which was going to embarrass all Kunda chiefs.

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