Give me a chance to lead, Nevers urges Zambians

GIVE me a chance, don’t judge me based on someone’s failures, MMD president Nevers Mumba has pleaded with Zambians.

And MMD has introduced operation Zi Maningi (total silence) which is aimed at reclaiming its lost space in the political arena.

Addressing party leaders at the secretariat in Lusaka on Saturday, Mumba pleaded with Zambians to give him and his leadership a chance to lead the country insisting that he was not president or chairman of the former ruling party when it made mistakes.

“MMD ifyo batufutatile fintu twaciita ifyabufufuntungu ifishaweme, ifya corruption…abantu tabafitemenwe iyo. Nomba ifwe mulemona pano tuli bapya, bushe kuti mwatupela umulandu ushali wesu? Naifwe tupeni chance yasu to prove ourselves. (People gave us their backs (because of our corrupt acts; people did not like such. But we are a new team, do you still judge us for those acts? Give us chance as well),” Mumba said.

“Teifwe mwafunishe in power, tatwalimo. Ine nshali president. Filya fine Ba Sata balelanda nga nabeba ati imwe Ba Sata mwali mu UNIP na MMD finshi mwachitile, so Ba Sata baleyasuka ati bushe nali chairman? Chairman ali ni Chiluba, Chairman ali ni Kaunda nomba ndefwaya ukuba chairman. Naine ndebeba abena Zambia ati teine nali president, niba Rupiah Banda. Ine nine Nevers Mumba so mpeni chance naine (We are not the ones you removed from power, we were not there. I was not the president then. The same way Mr Sata would refuse whenever I challenged him about MMD failures when he was in the party. And he would tell me that he was not the chairman, but Chiluba. I am also telling Zambians that I was not the president, it was Rupiah Banda). Don’t judge me by someone’s mistakes, yes MMD twalikwata ama (we have) problems but give this new leadership a chance and I am confident that we are going to do well.”

Mumba encouraged his leaders that winning an election was about having a heart and being determined.

He urged the party leaders not to lose hope but be determined the way they braved the heat when everybody else ruled out the former ruling party during their struggle in court against the Felix Mutati faction which had money, the people and the PF government on its side.

“To win an election is about the heart and determination. You should know that no matter how hard we will pierce through. Just the way it was when they started playing with our party and we ended up in court and they were laughing at us that we will not win the case as they had ‘bought’ the judges, we are being helped by the police, we are being helped by ZNBC, baletwafwa Ba PF teti mutupoke ici…They even changed records and laughed at us wherever we went to…, but this leadership you are seeing here remained focused,” Mumba said.

He said no matter how dark it would be, one day light would greet humanity regardless of how hard the situation was.

Mumba said the November 5 judgment brought the long awaited light to his team and party loyalists while others were still shocked in disbelief.

Mumba noted that with that judgment in favour of his team those that were still confused insisting that they were still in charge either needed prayers or transport to Chainama mental hospital.

“Bonse abalwisha (all those that fight) MMD, it only needs a match stick to go ablaze again. Iyi party yamweo (This party is full of life). We have heard rumours that MMD does not exist. MMD cannot exist because bonse abailwisha (all those who fight it), there is a reason they fail to sleep over this party. They know that all it needs is just one match stick ninshi yayaka (then it will ignite) across the country. There is no party in this country that would go ablaze all over the country with only one stick, we have structures all over the country. So I am gratified that in Lusaka you have really worked well going underground in rebuilding structures in all seven constituencies. This is what it means to prepare ourselves for 2021, tefyapakanwa, muma (not just by mouth or in) newspapers, social media but kubomba nabantu ifi mwabomba (we should work with people the way you’ve worked),” said Mumba.

And vice-president Reuben Sambo revealed that operation ‘Zii Maningi’ was in motion, which would see the party erupt like a volcano soon.

He urged party leaders and members not to talk too much but to work underground towards reclaiming the lost ‘seat’.

Reverend Sambo said no party would beat the MMD at campaigning.

“It is heartwarming to see that leaders of our party have gone underground to see to it that our party restores our structures. It is true that some of our structures were damaged, especially here in Lusaka,” he said.

Rev Sambo said the operation was coined Zii Maningi because it called for silence thus members should not reveal what was underground.

He said the strength of any house rested on the foundation and ‘zii maningi’ was exactly what the MMD needed.
Rev Sambo said Lusaka was the former ruling party’s stronghold but that it would soon would expand to other towns and provinces.

“Here in Lusaka we need to go deep, when you hear people talking about strongholds, Lusaka is not mentioned because it was under the MMD’s grip. To have such a grip calls for alertness, we have a big chance now as the national secretary alluded to. Mealie-meal is expensive, power is expensive and with all these problems being faced by Zambians, people will be ready to listen. As you drink your Chibwantu, explain to people what they are already experiencing,” said Rev Sambo.

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