Mawudor urges Churches and FBOs to become donors themselves

ALL Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) head of finance and deputy general secretary Bright Mawudor says the Church has remained poor because it has not used its assets to invest but for consumption and training Church employees thereby increasing expenses against its income.

In a presentation on Church Investments in Africa on Friday, Mawudor noted that poverty in the Church had been exacerbated by lack of action that could realise its potential after having prayed for too long.

The three-day Faith-Invest Training Workshop and International Annual Conference which opened on Thursday, January 16 at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland told Councils of Churches from selected countries across the world that Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs) have the potential to become the most powerful collective global force to steer investments for the common good of the people and planet.

He said the church and many FBOs were aligned to the principles of faith-consistent investing but had never taken it as a priority to put into practice the same principles, hence they have remained poor for many years.

He observed that the church and many FBOs have been on the receiving end of the donor funding and once the donor pulls out, the institution’s operations are curtailed because there are no other means of income-generating activities or investments to sustain operations.

Mawudor encouraged delegates that for a start, the church can start providing entrepreneurial skills to its members to create wealth for their families, and this, in turn, would transform into wealth for the church/FBOs.

He advised churches and FBOs to move away from being on the receiving end of the donor funding to be donors themselves.

Mawudor said the Church has remained poor because it has not used its assets to invest but instead has been using the assets for consumption and training church employees, thereby increasing expenses against its income.

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) general secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya and head of finance and administration Robert Banda attended the event which included representatives of Councils of Churches from Finland, Palestine, Germany, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom, Peru, Cameroon, Congo DR, Kenya, Niger, Pakistan, Beirut, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Israel, and the host Switzerland attending the Conference.

The conference whose theme was ‘Faithinvest-Impactful Cooperation’ was organised by the World Council of Churches, Agape Foundation and Faith Invest.

The Conference closed on Saturday.

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