Andyford says Zambia is in need of leadership change

PEOPLE’S Alliance for Change (PAC) president Andyford Banda says it is now clear that the PF has failed to run the country and must be told to leave.

He says the country is in need of change of leadership to bring in a government with new ideas.

Speaking in Choma on Byta FM’s live phone in programme dubbed Hot Potato, Banda cited among other things the high cost of living, expensive mealie meal prices, electricity tariffs, and transport costs.

“It is now clear that the PF has failed to run the country and must now be told to leave. Zambians need to understand that the country is for everyone. If as a political party you are given chance to rule and then you fail, it’s to leave and let those who can manage to take it up,” he said.

Banda said for the country to go forward and its democracy to progress there was need for citizens to be given an opportunity to share ideas freely without intimidation.

“Zambians need to understand that the country is for everyone hence we must be free to speak when things go wrong because that’s the only way the country can move forward,” he said. “For example the cost of living is high and mealie meal prices are high, transport, electricity tariffs high and so people must be allowed able to share ideas about these challenges. For us as PAC if given an opportunity to rule, our aim is to empower citizens economically and create employment.”

Banda said climate change was an excuse that was being abused by PF to hide their failures.

He noted that a lot of Zambians did not have opportunities to exploit their potential due to increased partisan allocation of resources.

“Running government is not only about good ideas but implementing certain steps. It is right now for those who have failed to leave. Zambians must not be afraid to speak their mind when things are wrong. As citizens we must team up to liberate the country,” Banda said.

“We believe that the country is at a time when change of leadership is needed. It’s time to bring in a government that is going to bring in new ideas.”

He said if the country continued to create a system that only gives opportunities to a few party inclined individuals as the case with the PF, it would not achieve sustainable development.

And Banda said his party remained opposed to the Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 saying it only benefits the PF.

“PF wants to give themselves a penalty while others must start from the goal post behind. That is why we are rejecting bill 10,” he said.

On demands for opposition political parties to work together, Banda said citizens must understand that democracy allowed anyone to belong to any political association of their choice and that he was exercising his democratic right to stick to PAC.

“The idea of democracy does not really limit people to be only working in alliances or together but express themselves according to their will,” he said.

“What is killing the opposition in the country is that majority oppressed people do not turn out to vote despite wanting change. So we just need to turn out in numbers on the voting day and PF will be out.”

Earlier, Banda donated 55-by-25 kilogramme bags of mealie meal to the elderly people in Choma.

A beneficiary, Gilbert Siamunchali demanded for a guarantee from PAC if once voted into power would not ignore the people as was the case with the PF.

“We are tired of voting for people who after being ushered into office they run away. Now if we vote for you, are you going to be there for us because we are tired of being used by politicians,” said Siamunchali.

Another recipient, Rosemary Muyanga wondered why the opposition despite speaking the same language could not work together to remove PF from power.

“If you the opposition can’t work together then Lungu will still win,” said Muyanga.

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