Bill 10 a tool for Edgar’s political survival

It’s becoming clearer each day that PF and Edgar Lungu’s move to mutilate the Republican Constitution is solely for political expediency.

Sober minds, both locally and international, in their assessment of the Bill’s provisions argue that if it is enacted, the principles of constitutionalism and good governance will be undermined.

But Edgar and his PF do not worry about the impending destruction of the very foundation of our Constitution. Their lenses are simply set on winning the 2021 elections and ultimately perpetuate the regime’s stay in power.
Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa says Sangwa, however, maintained that changing the Constitution was not a priority for Zambians as the country was currently faced with bigger problems.

He said Zambia was not in a constitutional crisis but in an economic emergency and the money spent paying allowances at the National Dialogue Forum would have been more useful elsewhere.

“The point is this guys…the Constitution is not a priority, we have bigger problems or immediate problems. The money that was spent on the NDF in terms of allowances could have been better spent. Even in our own personal lives, we do have priorities, isn’t it? But how come as a country we can’t have priorities? In the general scheme of things, what is the most pressing issue to Zambians, it’s not the Constitution. So far we are not in a crisis, we have to allow this Constitution [to be] tested, we need to have the imperfections exposed but it will be exposed only if we allow it to breath but not to begin to manipulate it for one’s own objectives,” Sangwa says.
He says no genuine case has been made to support or justify Bill 10.

“I oppose the changes contained in Bill 10 because the intention of Bill 10 is to reverse what was achieved in 2016. That’s why I am opposing it. Listen, what the proposed amendment intends to do is to give the President back the powers which were taken away in 2016. When you start isolating one clause, analysing it, then you are missing the big picture and the question is what will be the effect of Bill 10 if it becomes law? That’s what we should be talking about. When it becomes law, what you will see is reversal of all advances we have made and guys let’s not lie to each other, the idea is that this Bill 10 is geared towards elections. The point is this, you never use the Constitution as a political tool, a constitution is supposed to be respected, dignified instrument,” says Sangwa.
We agree.

And Edgar’s desperation is dangerous and must be stopped.
As we have said ever since Edgar birthed this Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019, one doesn’t need to have the legal or constitutional law knowledge of State Counsel John Sangwa to realise that there is something wrong with the way Edgar wants to change the Constitution. 

A little sight, if that is all one has, is what is needed to see through Edgar’s selfish and evil scheme to change the Constitution. Edgar’s intentions don’t need long disquisitions to discern. It is clear to all that he wants to address his personal electoral fears. It has nothing to do with the good governance of the country or the welfare of the Zambian people. It is all about Edgar’s political survival.

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