Don’t start 2020 with another bunch of problems, Mutati urges govt

FELIX Mutati says the government should put realism ahead of emotions over the impasse between Zesco and the Copperbelt Energy Corporation.

He says the country has enough problems and there is no need to start 2020 with “another bunch of problems.”

Mutati also says politicians should start competing with ideas and not muscles.

In an interview after he attended mass at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Mushili, the former finance minister asked the PF government to take the impasse between Zesco and CEC seriously.

“For me realism should be put ahead of emotions. There must be urgency in the manner it is resolving the impasse between Zesco and CEC. This will not hit Zesco or the profits, but we need a serious solution to the impasse. The damage we may have is jobs and threats on the security of supply,” Mutati said.

“If we continue to create reaction, it will be at the cost of the economy. The Ministry of Energy should put in a new national power supply as they resolve the impasse, define the margin of the players in the sector. Government should create the security of the energy sector and all the players in the mining sector. We have problems and we should not start 2020 with another bunch of problems. We have challenges in the supply and then put on additional problems?”

He said the country can handle the consequences of the Zesco-CEC impasse.

“It is one such consequences we can’t handle as a nation. The government can’t threaten the lives of the people and the investment in the nation. Investors are cautious. For the mines, this anxiety will create uncertainty in the investment front,” he said.

Mutati said 2020 should be a year of political ideas.

“We need politics of ideas not muscles. We need to compete with ideas, not who has muscles. The idea of violence should be replaced with ideas of progress. So we need to compete with ideas not muscles,” he said.

And Mutati asked the Church to pray for politicians.

“We pretend to love each other yet we have different agendas. But please pray for us in politics so that our agenda should look at what is affecting our people,” said Mutati.

Earlier, Fr Boris Mapili said those that listen to the voice of God will not lie.

“If you hear the voice of God, there is no room for lies. So let us listen to the voice of God and be upright,” said Fr Mapili.

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