Lusaka MMD warns ‘sellout’ Nakacinda

THE Lusaka Province and district MMD leadership has vowed to ‘deal’ with estranged party member Raphael Nakacinda if he continues maligning the Nevers Mumba administration.

Lusaka Province and district chairmen Francis Chate and Joseph Chipasha warned Nakacinda to stop demeaning the Mumba-led team or face the wrath of the party.

Speaking in separate interviews on Saturday, the two visibly offended MMD leaders vowed to “sort out” Nakacinda if he continues masquerading as the former ruling party leader.

“We have been abiding by the ruling of the [High] court. If we had not followed that court ruling, we would have forcibly dragged Nakacinda to police ourselves. He should know that MMD only has one president and that is Nevers Mumba,” Chipasha said.

He said Nakacinda was a sellout who was eating with both hands.

Chipasha warned President Edgar Lungu to tread cautiously with Nakacinda, whom he said had one leg in the UPND camp and another in PF.

“[Nakacinda] does not know which party he belongs to. He is playing double standards. At night he is with the UPND and during the day claiming that he is MMD and now with President Lungu, he is undecided, a sellout,” said Chipasha.

“So we are asking that we start dealing with him. We have our youths who can handle him. We already won the belt and we will not fail to work.”

And Chate added that it was clear that the police were afraid to arrest Nakacinda despite the MMD’s complaints against him.

He said Nakacinda was not a member of the MMD but a criminal who should be sorted out with the permission of the party’s governing council.

“Nakacinda should not make a mistake to hold any meeting in Lusaka or elsewhere, we will follow him…that’s a warning. We will follow him and effect an arrest because the police have failed to arrest him,” Chate said.

Meanwhile, Mumba said he had no authority over Nakacinda, who was an appointee of President Lungu.

He said it was President Lungu’s responsibility to deal with Nakacinda owing to his disregard of the court judgment.

Mumba said he was happy that Nakacinda, a ‘boy’ he brought to the MMD, was now wearing ties and looking elegant.
He said while he was proud to see Nakacinda transform, he would not talk about him further than what the court ruled.

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