FAZ calls for unity

[By Bright Tembo]

THE Football Association of Zambia says there is need for unity in football if the country is to progress in the sport.

Speaking during a Central Province and Lusaka administrators’ course, FAZ vice-president Rix Mweemba said what is needed in football is unity among leaders.

“What we need in our game is unity and if there is something that needs to be communicated to the right channel, let it be used. Let’s not raise anything anyhow and anywhere because we may be found wanting and if we are found wanting, we still blame the association for what they did. We are football people and there is a way you can channel your differences. So we must be very careful how we handle some matters,” he said.

“Let’s put excitement aside and bring in positive issues because this is our game and all of us collectively we have to come together and make sure that we move together in one direction. And success shall be seen and obviously that will be good for the nation because football is a mass game. It’s not a game for one person like boxing. This one is for everyone and we must work together for one purpose.”

Mweemba further urged the administrators to put the interest of the association first in any dealings.

“We must put the interest of this institution first than the interests of an individual. That is very important. If we have that at the back of our mind, we shall be able to work because the institution is bigger than any individual. So that’s the word of caution that we need to go with it and work together,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mweemba said the association has made progress in the selection of the national team coach.

“It has gone round in the media and people want to know the coach and you are aware that we wanted to appoint the coach four months ago but we were told that the procedures were wrong. We are a law abiding executive committee. We follow regulations and rules, moreover we respect government and when we are told it’s not correct we have to start afresh. Yes we are losing time but if the process is not accepted, we have to do it again. This is what we are doing and we have made progress in the selection of the coach. I can’t go further but the nation will be told. There is no way the association is going to employ a coach and keep quiet about it. The media will be told and we shall unveil the coach.”

And Central Province administrator Morton Silomba urged fellow administrators to work together.
“We need to work together and love one another and continue supporting one another to develop football. But if we bring hatred amongst ourselves then we are not going anywhere because what I know is that football brings people together,” said Silomba.

“So as Central Province let’s continue upholding integrity, transparency and loving one another because we are going to achieve and develop our province.”

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