Humility is power under control – Simataa

WE need leaders who will get into office and know that they have to control themselves, says opposition NAREP secretary general Simataa Simataa.

Simataa, a vociferous football administrator of many years, was appointed secretary general of the National Restoration Party (NAREP) on January 11.

He featured on Chat Back programme on Christian Voice Radio on Monday.

Simataa took time to explain the pillars on which the NAREP stood, and was quick to indicate that he found such in the party constitution.

He noted that in the NAREP, “we favour and want value-based leadership”

“We want a leadership that is committed…” he said.

On humility, Simataa said: “humility, I must explain, is not disposition; holding your hands in front or folding them up or bending forward.”

“No! No! No! It’s none of that! [But] humility is power under control where you look at a person and say ‘I can crush this person but I won’t.’ That’s humility. The best example is the Lord Jesus Christ, the almighty but he walked. He rode a donkey…Power under control! We need leaders who will get into office and know that they have to control themselves,” Simataa explained.

On integrity, he pointed out that many people battled with attaining that virtue.

He, however, clarified that NAREP was not pursuing angelic leadership and membership.

“We are not looking for angels; none of us in NAREP are angels. But we are saying whatever you are doing in the dark should be something that you can do in the light [because] you are going to run the lives of people. You are shoddy and you are trying to run for office! That is one of the things we are discouraging,” he said.

The other pillars of the opposition party Simataa talked about are excellence, fairness, responsibility, integrity, service and sense of community.

Earlier on the programmme, Simataa said joining a political party should be on the basis of one reading that party’s constitution.

“You don’t just join. It’s like churches; why are we not all of one church? The beliefs are different! I see, in Zambia the ideology is the ruling party. (Laughs) I had some people [saying] ‘how could you join…Is that party existing?’” he explained.

He added that NAREP was: “welfare, NAREP are democrats.”

Simataa believes that the NAREP slogan speaks volumes.

“The slogan is simply a heart for the people. A person is the heart, umuntu mutima, mutu ki pilu. Zambians voters need to really appreciate this; that it’s not really what the person says but who is he. To have a heart for the people is the central theme of our party so that even when we govern [in] 2021, we would like a leadership that has the people in their heart,” said Simataa.

“NAREP is liberal democrats or if you want to be simple liberal means freedom. So, we are freedom activists. When you look at England, the right side is the Conservatives, the left side is the Labour. The liberal democrats come on the middle – they are a mix of left and right. That’s what you see in NAREP! We are a mix of left and right politics. So, there are some statements that make us almost look capitalist and there are some statements that make us look like socialists.”

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