PF full of failures, failed projects, says L/stone health workers

LIVINGSTONE Central Hospital health workers say the PF is full of failures and failed projects.

And the health workers at the institution say the hospital is slowly becoming a big clinic owing to unwarranted transfers of professionals.

Reacting angrily to the transfer of a senior surgeon, Dr Kelvin Moonga to Mazabuka, the health workers claim that non-clinical officers were making administrative decisions over doctors and professional health staff at the third level hospital.

“We have an administration that is lying to the government that all is fine when [in fact] not. We first had our Radiology head of department Mr Mulamfu being transferred for telling the Minister of Health the truth about a broken down CT-Scan. We now have relatives to patients buying surgical gloves for their relatives to be attended to. This government is full of failures and failed projects,” the nurses said.

The workers who chose to remain anonymous, claimed that the institution was even asking relatives of patients to buy surgical gloves as these were in short supply.

“We are in a crisis, we were happy with the upgrade to a third level hospital in 2013 and we become the cleanest hospital in the country capable of handling major surgical cases, but it seems the dogs have come to party and now we are seeing unwarranted transfers, the most recent is that of Dr Moonga, a seasoned surgeon. The transfer of Dr Moonga is a sign that we are slowly becoming a big clinic. It will be even better for Dr Chitalu Chilufya and the PF government to degrade us to a district hospital,” the workers complained.

The nurses in a walk-in interview further warned of a labour unrest at the institution if transfers were left unchecked.

The health workers who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation by what they termed as a Donald Trump administration said the working environment was slowly becoming frustrating.

But when contacted Dr John Kachimba justified Dr Moonga’s transfer to Mazabuka saying he (Dr Moonga) was not a specialised surgeon but a doctor in training.

“We send doctors on training to areas where they are best suited…for instance surgical residents who need to be experienced in cardiac surgery can’t be in Livingstone; they have to be moved to UTH. We move officers where we feel they will best serve the population. We don’t send to appease but to address population needs of a particular area,” Dr Kachimba said.

He said several physicians have been moved in the past.

He said the complaints by health workers were unfortunate.

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