PF has completely lost it, says Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says Zambians are becoming despondent because of the poor leadership under the PF government.

Kabimba, the Rainbow Party general secretary, notes that: “we are at a crossroads as a nation.”

He said Zambia could have been better than what it is now.

Kabimba was speaking on Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy programme on Monday night.

“We could have done better than what we see now. I’m certain that we can still do better but certainly not under the leadership of PF. PF has completely lost it; the economy is a runaway economy. They don’t seem to have an idea how to bring it back on course. They are doing chipantepante (disorganised) in the hope that they will score,” Kabimba said.

“So, the state of the nation, in short, is something that doesn’t give an ordinary Zambian out there hope. We are becoming despondent about the future; we are becoming pessimistic about the future. There is no hope about tomorrow. I’m not sure what the rate of the kwacha will be tomorrow, I’m not sure if I’m going to have electricity in my house tomorrow, I’m not sure whether PF cadres won’t start demarcating my land through their hooliganism and lawlessness. I’m not sure about anything in my own country!”

Kabimba, a lawyer of more than three decades, explained that when things are uncertain, as they are now, “you can’t describe the state of this economy as something that gives joy to anybody.”

He added that the problems of Africa and Zambia, in particular, revolved around political leadership.

Kabimba recalled that under the presidency of Michael Sata between September 2011 and October 2014, the country’s healthcare was prioritised.

He said Sata tried to put Zambia on the correct stage, insofar as healthcare was concerned.

“The problem came when there was a mutation in PF after his death when we saw many of the people, some of whom were being prosecuted, all of them suddenly become more PF [thatn] those who were in PF before them,” he noted.

“It is that mutation that has created a problem for PF because, then, the PF lost its ideological base and hence lost direction.”

Meanwhile, Kabimba reiterated that: “I didn’t walk out of the PF with bitterness.”

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