Regime change isn’t solution to current problems – Kamba

THE ruling Patriotic Front says Zambia’s current problems cannot be solved by kicking it out of power.

The party’s Lusaka Province secretary Kennedy Kamba explained in a statement that through unity and hard work, the country’s economic prosperity could be restored.

“From the onset, let me state that for us in the PF and in this New Year of the Lord 2020, economic prosperity is at the centre of priorities and we must believe in ourselves that we will succeed,” Kamba said.

He said the party was “dismayed by some doomsayers in the opposition, especially from the UPND who are so much preoccupied with malicious attacks on the PF and want to sway the minds of the people by claiming that the PF government has failed and the only way out is change of government.”

Kamba said many Zambians understood the matrix of economics and knew the pragmatic steps that the government made to turn the economy around and improve the people’s living standards.

He said Zambians also understood and appreciated the effectiveness of President Edgar Lungu’s style of governance and had full confidence that he would turn around the fortunes of the economy and results would begin to show this year.

“Many challenges that we have faced such as load-shedding that subsequently slowed down economic fortunes of the country was due to lack of investment in power generation by successive governments and it is only the PF government that has made bold decisions to ensure adequate investments in this sensitive sector,” he said.
Kamba said PF was comforted by the sacrifices that many patriotic Zambians had made, adding that the journey they had embarked on with President Lungu in line with the party’s manifesto would yield results.

“The support of the PF among the citizenry has remained intact and they will never abandon their vision and sacrifice to embrace alien concepts being propagated by the UPND and other political parties who are so much preoccupied with getting to State House than working for Zambians,” he said.

Kamba encouraged young people and all Zambians of goodwill to ignore the “vigorous but misplaced propaganda coming from those who have joined forces to fight the PF and try to brainwash young minds into thinking that the only solution for Zambia is changing the government in 2021.

“We want to assure the youth and all patriots that the solution actually is with the PF and the pragmatic interventions it has been making to turn around the economy. This year 2020 is about results and economic prosperity. The PF government is on top of things in terms of offering solutions as evidenced by many interventions that have been put in place,” said Kamba.

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