Sensele challenges PF to reveal its real motive in their Kambwili interest

GET Dr Guy Scott back, then we will rejoin the PF, NDC’s member of the central committee Paul Sensele mocks the PF.

And Sensele says the PF is worse than Judas Iscariot as it is only interested in looting national wealth.

In an interview, Sensele, who got the highest votes for Michael Sata in Akapelwa ward where he was elected councillor in 2011, said the PF should reveal the real motive of their interest in NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

“We will only negotiate the return to PF if and when President Edgar Lungu gets Dr Guy Scott who was born here in Livingstone, Mrs Atanga, Harry Kalaba and others back into the PF…Dr Scott is a Muzungu (white man) who was Sata’s trusted friend and Zambia’s first white Vice-President, he was PF second in command and should not be abandoned as is the case at the moment,” Sensele said.

The former Livingstone district commissioner said the PF should get back people who suffered for the party such as Judge Ngoma and get rid of people like Bowman Lusambo and Dora Siliya who insulted Sata.

“Get back Judge Ngoma who even went to prison for the sake of PF, get back George Chellah, go to Daniel Munkombwe’s grave in Choma and apologise to him and the Tonga people. Until this is done then we will not come.
But if you do, we will be back without any conditions…look at Mangani Phiri and the likes of George Mpombo, get them back then we can talk,” he said.

Sensele also advised the PF not to concentrate on tribalism in its pursuit to get Kambwili back into the PF.

“Why only look at the Bembas? It’s tribalism. We know that the PF is under pressure to field a Bemba next year thus their interest in Kambwili…go and apologise to chiefs like Mukuni and Hamusonde, they mean well when they advise you or speak against the evils you are committing…pay them their subsidies in arrears. Then we can be friends. If this is rocket science then forget,” Sensele said.

He added that the NDC was aware that the PF wants to use Kambwili to win the 2021 elections and then dump him.

“We are not blind…GBM must also be careful, he is just being used. The PF is worse than Judas,” Sensele said.

He advised Mwamba to use his energies in PF to get retirees paid their terminal benefits instead of fighting the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“Don’t be a fool,” Sensele advised GBM.

“Please don’t say I am frustrated, I am merely saying the truth. In PF the agenda high on the table is violence and tribalism, not the welfare of the people…they can’t even let KBF to be free to challenge Mr Lungu,” said Sensele.

Mwamba recently said they are working to have Kambwili at a roundtable meeting to bring him back into PF.

However, Kambwili has indicated that going back to PF was a closed chapter as he was running his own party and that he is happy.

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