The time has come for PF to leave govt

Kennedy Kamba, the ruling Patriotic Front’s Lusaka Province secretary, says Zambia’s current problems cannot be solved by kicking them out of power.

Kamba says he is “dismayed by some doomsayers in the opposition, especially from the UPND, who are so much preoccupied with malicious attacks on the PF and want to sway the minds of the people by claiming that the PF government has failed and the only way out is change of government”.

“The support of the PF among the citizenry has remained intact and they will never abandon their vision and sacrifice to embrace alien concepts being propagated by the UPND and other political parties who are so much preoccupied with getting to State House than working for Zambians,” says Kamba.

These are words of a scared man. Kamba is very worried about being kicked out of power next year. And it’s understandable when one looks at the way being in power has changed his lifestyle. From being a nobody and having nothing, today Kamba is a rich man – leaving in a big house with a swimming pool!

How did this happen? It’s taxpayers money being siphoned off through all sorts of supply contracts with government.

Kamba can’t imagine the day when this will dry up. He is not ready to go back to that old life.
And without power, Kamba may be prosecuted for corruption and made to account for his wealth.

Kamba doesn’t want to accept that they are nearing the end of their stay in power and of ‘eating’ well.
But there are three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The time is near for them to leave power and account for their misdeeds.

This is what Zambian politics has been reduced to – survival!
Politics is noble; it is one of the highest forms of charity, as Pope Paul VI used to say. We sully it when we mix it with money, wealth acquisition or business. The relationship between business and political power can also be corrupted if common good is not the only converging point.

But whether Kamba likes it or not, the time for the Patriotic Front to leave has come – kuyabebele!

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