PF govt leaders have light fingers and can run away with a red-hot stove – Mwamba

DOREEN Sefuke Mwamba says it is being rude for justice minister Given Lubinda to ask lawyers Linda Kasonde and John Sangwa who they are to influence the withdrawal of Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019.

Meanwhile, Mwamba, who is UPND women affairs deputy national chairperson, says those in the PF government are light-fingered, such that they can run away with a red-hot stove.

According to an interview Lubinda granted to News Diggers newspaper on Monday and published on Wednesday, he cannot withdraw the contentious bill 10 just because two lawyers in the name of Sangwa (a constitutional lawyer) and Kasonde (Chapter One Foundation executive director) have said so.

Mwamba, in an interview on Wednesday, said Kasonde was a Zambian and that she had the right to ask and speak about matters which concerned Zambia.

“He (Lubinda) is asking who is she? Linda Kasonde is entitled to be speaking on matters, which affect Zambia. Linda Kasonde is a mouthpiece for youths who do not have a voice,” Mwamba said, adding that Kasonde, a former Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president, was an uncompromised intellectual.

“Yes, we have so many intellectuals in Zambia but they are so compromised that they will not speak for Zambians. But Linda Kasonde is not selfish….”

She noted that Lubinda, as an elected representative of Zambians, ought to be measured in his language.
Mwamba reminded Lubinda that the Constitution always outlived selfish leaders.

She added that it was a challenge for a minister in Lubinda to: “start asking questions as to who lawyers are.”
“It means he doesn’t understand the judiciary and those (lawyers) who are affiliated to the judiciary of Zambia. By that arrogant and ignorant question, he has just exposed himself and the government that he represents,” Mwamba noted.

“Linda is a voter and she has a large following. Given Lubinda should know that the Constitution always outlives selfish leaders.”

Meanwhile, Mwamba said: “those in the PF think Zambia is their own market, their own bank account.”

“No wonder they rip it; they take everything! Even when we say ‘stop stealing’ they will not stop. These people are capable of running with a hot stove. Stove nayaka pali (a red-hot stove where there’s) beans nangu pali ubwali kuti babutuka nayo (even when there is a pot of nshima, they can run away with it),” said Mwamba.

“Given Lubinda is not a lawyer and he doesn’t understand the law. He is our merely our servant and a servant cannot turn around and ask the bosses ‘who are you?’ When servants start asking us taxpayers who we are, that’s being very rude.”

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